View Full Version : Can't fully open a thread ...

January 23, 2012, 20:55
Anyway, the thread is the Hythe Rear Sights thread in the L1A1, inch-pattern and Indian Files in the weapon specific category. I posted in the thread and subscribed to it so I know (knew since I unsubscribed to see if that was part of the problem) when a new post is made. The problem is that I can get no further than post 21 when I try to read the posts but there are at least 40 posts in the thread at present. I was able to see later posts when I started to make a new post but couldn't finish making it.
Also I was unable to open the Thread Tools, Search This Thread and Display Modes areas. I don't have this problem with other threads, only this one. Unfortunately, this is one that I'm really interested in.
Can you help me out? I don't think that I somehow changed any settings on that thread.


January 24, 2012, 00:35
Go to the thread, hold down your shift key and click your browsers reload page button at the same time. On both my computer and cell phone I have no issues so it sounds like you have a partially loaded page cached on youe end.

January 24, 2012, 17:40
Late last night the thread started opening up correctly without anything deliberately being done by me, so it sounds like you were correct and it just happened on it's own.