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December 06, 2011, 09:41
I bought a New Old Stock Sig GSR Revolution TTT from my dealer about a month ago. Since it had been in the back of the shop unnoticed for so long he made me a good deal. It's their steel frame, all stainless steel (though the slide and controls have been blackened with Sig "Nitron".) It hs the STI adjustable bar-dot nightsights and a host of "custom" features. I'm a custom 1911 fan and this is a lot of value in a production pistol.

But I digress...

In my exuberance over scoring the pistol, I overlooked something. Once I got home I realized the left side windage screw head was missing. The rear sight still functions as is, but it's a bit more labor intensive (imagine adjusting a FAL rear sight with one windage screw- possible, but not much fun). Quick call to the dealer and he confirms he doesn't have the screw head and he'd have no reason to remove it. He said he'd make it right and to drop by again soon and he'd take care of it.

Couldn't wait.. so I called Sig's customer service myself and explained my dillema and asked to buy the missing screw head. The lady looked it all up on the 'puter and said they didn't show the screw head in question, but she'd call the gunsmiths and see if they had a screw head back there that would work. No promises but she'd check it out.

Weeks went by with no contact, so I figured they had forgotten me or I'd somehow fallen through the cracks.

Came home yesterday to find a small padded envelope on the back steps. Glory be! It's from Sig! My screw head... right?

I tear open the package and much to my amazement an entire new STI adjustable rear sight assembly (with BOTH screws!! :biggrin: ) with bar-dot nite sights falls into my palm.

NOT a screw head, an entire new rear sight assembly!

Much joy on the homestead last night, I can tell you :wink:


December 07, 2011, 14:00
Glad it worked out for you DK I hope it shoots better than my 2340. I need to send it back to Sig to see if they can straighten it out.