View Full Version : Winchester Model 55 (Auto/single shot)

November 09, 2011, 19:52
Not too long ago, I picked up a Winchester Model 55 "Automatic single shot" .22 S-L-LR. This is a C&R rifle and was made prior to the application of serial numbers.. It is in nice condition but the stock has a little split where the operating handle apparently hit the stock repeatedly. Tried it out for the first time today and it works great. This is probably one of the very few .22's with a fixed firing pin. Yes, fixed FP. Believe I'll take it to the Wanenmacher Tulsa gun show this coming weekend and see if some collector of Winchester .22's may be interested in what I think is an unusual beginners rifle.

November 09, 2011, 23:46
I remember those from when I was a kid. I always thought that Winchester, in building a single shot .22 that was "automatic", was a little unclear on the concept, but they were definitely unique. No one but Winchester ever built anything even vaguely like the Model 55.

November 10, 2011, 08:34
These fired from an open bolt and then ejected the fired case out the bottom of the rifle and then locked the bolt back for manual insertion of the next round for those of you not familiar with the rifle. I had one years ago and found it to be a a rather poorly built/designed rifle. The barrel was always coming loose or something, can't remember exactly, just that I did not like it.

Timber Wolf
November 14, 2011, 09:47
I passed on one of those years ago and wish I would have bought it as it would have made an interesting addition ot my .22 rifle "collection". I do have an H&R "Sahara", a full stock auto-ejecting single shot. They built it in a standard stock version also, the model 760 I believe. The H&R looks like a single shot made on a cylindrical semi-auto action. It just slams back against a rubber breach block and stays there. Poke in a shell, close the bolt and fire. I heard a story once that these were made in response to trapping regulations that only allowed single shot arms be carried. I don't know but in the case of my H&R it looks like somebody just figured out how to make a cheap single shot out of existing semi-auto parts.

November 14, 2011, 10:22
Wham-O made a few of these things too! I'm not lying!