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ratas calientes
October 24, 2011, 17:54
. . . . what should I get? :?

October 24, 2011, 18:19
Older Ruger Single Six, pre transfer bar, three screw side plate with adjustable sights. With or without the extra .22mag cylinder.

But be careful, they are addictive.

October 24, 2011, 18:34
How much do you want to spend?

October 24, 2011, 20:14
Classic "kit gun."


(compared to K-frame)

Clyde the Pointer
October 24, 2011, 20:54
I just bought a new S&W 617 10 shot for me and the tyrant child. Nice gun, shoots great, funky little locky thing, but I ignore that stuff and shoot my guns. Spendy though, but better than twice as nice as a Tarurus for twice the price, about. I didn't find any old Rugers whilst I was poking around. I would have considered one though.

Tuscan Raider
October 25, 2011, 00:45
Look into the old Rossi or Taurus pistols.

October 25, 2011, 09:23
Look for a used S&W
The K frame will be a model 17. If it has a 4 inch barrel, it will be called a Model 18

If you look around enough, you’ll find one for reasonable amount

If you want a smaller frame such as the J frame, there’s the model 63(stainless) and the model 34(blued steel)

Something to consider about a S&W are the grips and holsters. Anything you may want will be available. You’ll also have cross training ability

If you’re interested in pros and cons of various models, prices, etc….
Pm me

October 25, 2011, 10:01
SA or DA?

Just picked up a Ruger Super Single Six, but it's a 1967 vintage and a six-shooter. I'm one of those that think Ruger hasn't made a SA revolver since 1972.

I used to shoot a friend's S&W 6" barreled Model 17 until he moved to Florida and took it with him. :sad:
That thing was a laser, probably could have won the Olympics with it. :wink:

My choice would be a S&W 17 or 617, 6 shots OK, but 8 or 9 would be better. I wouldn't pass up a Colt Diamondback if I ran across one either.

Ruger has a new 9 shot? DA on the SP 101 frame that looks neat, but the price they are asking puts you in the nicely used S&W range.

October 25, 2011, 10:18
American Rifleman just put out a cool article about a 22 revolver that comes with two different cylinders... one that is 22lr and the other is 22 WMR.

It was pretty interesting.

Bwana John
October 25, 2011, 11:20
I like the 4" "K" framed S&W's.

It makes a nice companion for my 4" S&W M66.

I had a M34 "J" frame kit gun but the cylinder to barrel gap and the chamber to barrel timing sucked. It sprayed lead out the sides and was REALLY loud for a .22

I find I shoot my Ruger Mk2 target more than any other of my 22 pistols.

ratas calientes
October 25, 2011, 12:09
Originally posted by ramiller
How much do you want to spend?
Tough one. Seems like decent revolvers come at a price.

I should add some background. A few years ago I would have wanted a .22 revolver with a 4 to 6-inch barrel, something stout. Now, I have a little air weight .38 that use for CCW. I would really like to do some cross-training, so I am now more interested in something light, and a much shorter barrel.

I also need to know what to stay away from. I was really interested in the little Taurus 94 a while back, but I kept finding bad reviews. So now I am willing to "kick it up a notch" and buy something worth keeping.

Originally posted by MAINER
SA or DA?

. . .

October 25, 2011, 13:41
All of the above choices are good, but IMHO, if you happen to ever shoot an older K-22 Masterpiece (model 17), you won't want another .22.

Nomad, 2nd
October 25, 2011, 14:18
Originally posted by dwood601
All of the above choices are good, but IMHO, if you happen to ever shoot an older K-22 Masterpiece (model 17), you won't want another .22.

I have a 17 and a 34...

I want a 18

October 25, 2011, 18:42
I had an H&R 999 break-top I really liked. Double action, 6"barrel wonderfully accurate. It was stolen

October 25, 2011, 20:26
Don't shun a Taurus just because. Look for an earlier, sans goofy cyl latch. MOst likely made on S&W tooling and possibly under S&W supervision. I picked one up a year or so ago for a song compared to even an abused m34 S&W.
As with any revolver...look for end-shake, lockup and condition in general.

Yes! A 4" m-617 or 18 would be a treat; but I don;t wanna sell a kidney to own one ;)

October 26, 2011, 06:41
Originally posted by Skilter
American Rifleman just put out a cool article about a 22 revolver that comes with two different cylinders... one that is 22lr and the other is 22 WMR.

It was pretty interesting.

Taurus 992 even though for some reason the writer/editor screwed up and called it a 990 which is the model w/o a second cylinder. I thought it would be cool, too, since it has the Tracker sized frame but there are lots of Taurus horror stories out there.

November 03, 2011, 03:43
IMHO stick with S&W, every Taurus I had over the years has been a POS in one way or the other.
Yes, it was Smith tooling (they were buying used tooling) with less experienced workers and inferior metals. I won't even get into the new models.

Outlaw Patriot
November 03, 2011, 14:20
Can anyone educate me as to why two cylinders are even needed? I understand a gun chambered for .22lr might not be strong enough for 22 magnum, but why can't a 22magnum cylinder be used to shoot 22lr?

My S/W 617 in 22lr can fit a 22mag in the cylinder just fine so I gotta think a 22lr would work fine in a 22 magnum wheel gun with no cylinder swap right?

November 03, 2011, 14:39
Originally posted by Outlaw Patriot
Can anyone educate me


The .22 Winchester RimFire, also called .22 WRF and identical to the .22 Remington Special, and later .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, also called .22 Magnum or .22 WMR, use cases different from the .22 LR. The .22 WRF and .22 WMR use a straight wall case, larger in diameter than the "normal" .22 rim fire and does not use a heeled bullet. While .22 WRF may be fired in a .22 WMR, firing a .22 S, L or LR in a .22 WMR firearm will likely result in gas leakage at the breech and may cause a potentially dangerous case rupture. Such use always will result in bullet metal fouling in the .22 WMR chamber throat and degraded accuracy with the smaller rounds.

Retired Bum
November 03, 2011, 16:41
I have four .22 revolvers.

#1 is a stainless Ruger Single Six 5.5 inch barrel with the second cylinder for the .22 Magnum. This is a very strong revolver and in my Ransom Rest it will put six rounds of Winchester Mark IV pistol match into 1.15 inches at 25 yards. I have never shot it with the .22 Mag cylinder so I can't comment on it.

#2 is a S&W Model 17 Masterpiece six inch. It is a tack driver with the right ammo. In the Ransom Rest it will put six rounds of CCI Green Tag into 0.75 inch at 25 yards. Even el cheapo CCI Blazer will do 1.25 inches. I've owned this revolver for over 30 years and I will keep it until the day I kick the bucket.

#3 is a S&W Model 34-1 Kit Gun four inch with square butt. Fitted with the oversized J frame target grips and I have the original magna grips numbered to the gun as well. I don't have the J frame grip plates for the Ransom Rest so I don't know what level of accuracy it is capable of. I do know that it will put six rounds of Winchester Super-X hi vel into 1.75 inches at 50 feet firing single action using a two handed grip. The M34 is IMHO one of the very best .22 trail guns ever made. Another keeper.

#4 is a Colt Diamondback four inch. I bought it as a companion to my four inch .38 Spl Diamondback. Possibly the best looking four inch .22 DA revolver ever made. It is quite accurate in single action and will outshoot the S&W Kit Gun at 50 feet using the same loads. Its heavier weight means I can hold it steadier than the M34. Like all V spring Colts its double action trigger leaves something to be desired. It starts out light and gets heavier. Prices on .22 Diamondbacks are getting ridiculiously high these days. A grand and more if the box and papers are included.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

November 03, 2011, 23:07
Ruger single six. I have a stainless model that I got for my 13th birthday, I am now 44, my son has since claimed this pistol. This is one of our truck guns.
In the last three years he has shot over 5000 round through this gun without
cleaning, it is a little hard to get the spent shell out sometimes but it is still going.

November 04, 2011, 00:46
A J-frame snubby is about all one would need in a .22LR revolver. Useful for dispatching varmints, certain ferals, and inappropriate reptilians at close range. Had a .22 magnum for awhile but the ammo was costing more than I could reload (or even buy reloads for) a similar-sized .38 spl.

Outlaw Patriot
November 05, 2011, 15:28
Originally posted by W.E.G.


Thank you. They look similar enough to the naked eye I would never have known. Shoulda guessed though.

November 06, 2011, 10:59
The .22 S&W airlite is pretty neat.