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September 23, 2011, 21:18
I browsed a lot of posts and never saw one that described how each of us first approached the Daewoo rifles. Maybe some personal perspective would help others take a longer look at these machines. So I'm callin' y'all out - talk about your rifle.

When I first handled a DR200, I think it was around 1994 or 1995. My buddy and gun mentor, who I'll refer to in this story as "the Major", introduced me to the Daewoo back then. He picked one up, a DR200, at a local show. I was surprised to learn that a company I had known as a mediocre car manufacturer also produced rifles.

Since I was used to the AK47, SKS, and bolt action rifles at the time, his DR200 had a curious, almost "organic" appearance to it. The curved shape of the upper receiver was reminiscent of a cross between a house from the Planet of the Apes, and something John Dillinger might have carved out of soap. The thumbhole stock automatically raised my hackles, as every AK I had been looking at was cursed with those things.

I went to the local hundred yard outdoor range with the Major, he with several long guns and carbines, and me with my "prized" SKS-D, tarted up with a gen-u-ine Leapers scope (with reticle that stayed in place for nearly 60 rds), zytel Monte Carlo stock, and a Harris strap. What can I say? - I lived for each new issue of the Centerfire Systems catalog back in those days...

After tapping away a couple hundred rounds through my ridiculous but serviceable SKS, and wowing myself with my 8 inch groups at 100 yards, the Major gave me a chance to hit some ink with his Daewoo.

Let me be perfectly clear here: at that point in my life, I was a complete novice with any rifle more powerful than my SKS, which says much about both my mentality and my skill level in those days. I had taken a couple of shots with a .300 Winmag Browning and regretted it. Not that I wasn't ready to move up, I was just stuck in that phase where I was accumulating every piece I had wanted back since I first got into guns. All the movie guns came first, and then I got serious about shooting. Red Dawn will do that to an impressionable young man...

I was skeptical of hitting the hill at the other end of the rifle field, much less the target I had stuck to the post, using nothing more than iron sights. One of the first things I did with my SKS was to add a scope mount and the aforementioned Leapers scope, so I never trained on iron.

Amazingly, after taking careful aim and bearing down with my usual overcompensating death grip on the rifle, I managed to hit paper - at 100 yards, through iron sights. I was careful to remember my poa, and after taking a long look through the sights, I pulled my second shot.

And hit the inner ring. I was stunned. I could actually shoot! Like, marksman and stuff.

The SKS was gone not too long after, and then I sold off most of my AK's, keeping my Bulgarian variant. I got into an FAL and a bunch of other rods, but never forgot the Doctor Two Hundred.

A few years later I managed to track down a pristine specimen, like new in the original box, with instructions. It shot as good as the one the Major put in my hands that day, and I still have it. I've added the BWest mount to it, but I still grit my teeth seeing that butthole stock on there. Eventually, it'll get hotrodded like some of the ones I see here. Seeing the stuff from Moses, Stormwerkz, s0b3, and others, I'm glad to see a thriving aftermarket. I made the minor mistake of joining the evil black gun crowd and picking up an RRA LAR15 and dumping a bunch of money into it, but I see where most of that stuff can fit on the DR200 with no problem.

I'm looking forward to realizing the full potential of this rifle.

Thats my story. Post yours.

September 25, 2011, 11:02
i p/u one a LN one sevearal years ago. its the thumbhole stock version and its a Kimber import.

i finally shot it. I did put a scope on it to see how well it would do. Function wise, it ate all 30 rounds of SS 109. I cant remember how well it printed, but im thinking it was fine for a battle rifle.

one of these days it will get out again.

September 25, 2011, 20:51
I had always loved the look of the Woo since the first time I saw it in Firepower magazine in the 80's (I have scanned and posted that article for the falfiles, so it should be in the archives of the woo files). I kick myself for passing up a DR200 about 12 years ago for a mere $425 used at a show, because there were many parts for it available. But as parts became available, I jumped on one about 3 years ago.

Went with a Storwerkz stock adapter, ACE folder and pistol grip. After shooting the AR with the typical spring Twang, the AR-180 with the teeth chattering hollow sound from the stock when fired, and tons of problems with my Robinson M96, the woo was one of the most fun .223s I've shot. I've ditched the AK as my go to gun and can rely on the Woo. I know that there are a ton of new piston AR style guns that are technologically ahead of the Woo design, but I still admire the ruggedness of the gun.

Enjoy your Woo.....

wayne in boca
September 29, 2011, 06:23
I walked into a local gunshop with some cash burning a hole in my pocket.I had never seen or heard of a Daewoo rifle.Saw a DR200 on the wall and bought it in a minute flat.Didn't even haggle,just said I wanted it.I don't know much,but I recognize a quality rifle when I see one.I put an Ace folder on her,and later added a K2 flash suppressor,and a 90 degree selector.A few years later,I bought a K2 on Gunbroker (brand new,never fired).Wonderful rifle.When I hear about people adding pistons to AR15's I laugh.Like putting a turbocharger on a Model T,it might work,but it doesn't really fit in with the original design.

September 30, 2011, 14:47
I got my first Daewoo in the mid 80's, somewhere around '85 or '86, when they first started being imported. I bought the Max II version, with folding stock and solid op rod.

I had always liked military and paramilitary rifles, and at that point owned a 1903 Springfield, an FAL 50.00, an AR-180, a Mini-14, and an FNC Para carbine. I also had an FFL, which helped in buying guns, but kept my bank balance from building up much. At any rate, I saw my first Daewoo at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and after looking at it for a few seconds, I had to have one.

It combined the best design features of the AR-15 (which you'll note that I DIDN'T own), the AR-180,and the FAL. I was truly impressed. Those wily Koreans had come up with what, to my way of thinking, was the perfect military assault rifle in a minor caliber. As soon as I got home from the SHOT Show, I ordered one, which I still have.

It turned out to work as well as it looked. It was accurate, functioned flawlessly, was moderately inexpensive (a little over $300 dealer cost), and used AR-15 magzines, which were both dirt cheap and available everywhere back then. You could even put a scope on it easily. It was also incredibly simple to field strip and clean, and the receiver stayed clean when it was fired. It became my favorite rifle almost overnight.

Then the eternally damned anal pore Bill Clinton got elected (damn you too, Ross Perot), and suddenly Daewoo's weren't available any longer. However, Daewoo fought back by coming up with the DR200, but that didn't last very long, and by the mid 90's, they had more or less vanished from the American gun market. I'm really glad that I got one when I did. I actually bought several of them to sell, and all of them sold that I ordered. I wish now that I'd ordered a few more to keep for spares, but I didn't. At least I still have one of them.

September 30, 2011, 14:51
Correct me if this is incorrect, but the pre-DR200 rifles were banned by Bush the First, not Clinton. It was the original 1989 AWB, not the Clinton ban that got them struck from import. The DR200 was actually allowed in due to the Clinton ban, because they changed enough features to make sure it wasn't the "more evil" MAX/AR100/180C/whatev.

Or at least thats how I remember it. I'm not sticking up for, or sticking it to, either player, because I think they were both wrong.

September 30, 2011, 21:34
I think the DR-200 was the equivalent of Norinco's response to the 89 Bush ban by changing the AK type guns to the MAK-90 and 91. But it was Billy that stopped the import of the Chi-Com semi auto guns and ammo during his administration.

September 30, 2011, 21:39
Now that I think about it, you're right, Ellis, it was Bush the First who signed that piece of garbage. The NRA was extremely unhappy with him, and he either resigned his Life Membership or the NRA canceled it. I don't quite remember which now, but I do remember it being caused by Bush signing the AWB.

That was also the last straw for me, too. I never liked or trusted Bush much before he did that, and afterwards, I had no use for him at all. I did vote for him, but I had to hold my nose to do it. Of course, Clinton was even worse, but we knew he was going to be worse. Bush was a traitor to the pro-gun people who voted for him, and that to me is unforgiveable. Thanks for reminding me and setting the record straight.

Now back to the Daewoo stories.

October 07, 2011, 23:11
I wasn't of legal age of consent at the time.

He and his Woo were surprisingly gentle. I shall remember it always.