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August 25, 2011, 20:05
Always on the search in pawn shops for new & interesting things to add to my collection. Was in a local shop a couple of weeks ago & they told me about a CZ 22 rifle that was soon to be due out. Kinda perked my ears up a bit, but figured the owner would surely pick it up before it got pulled. In there today again, and the owner had come a got it out of pawn, but then sold it to the shop! The shop owner just left it in the back until I got back up there today. Don't know much about the CZ rifles except they seem to be pretty decent 22's. Turns out the rifle is a CZ 513.....just a basic no frills 22. Looks near perfect, maybe a slight storage bump or two, but nothing noticeable at all. The original owner fired less than a box of 22's through it before pawning it. He added a really nice sling to it...some name brand that I am familiar with, but have forgot already. Anyway, I paid down on it & got it stuck back in layaway now for a few weeks until I can get it out. From what I've seen on GB, I didn't get hurt, but didn't do really well either. But as I said, it's basically as new. $200 out the door. I figure I'll add an inexpensive scope & have another good squirrel rifle if nothing else.
Any good scope recommendations for a CZ 513? :beer:

August 29, 2011, 08:24
An article that might help. I like the Weaver classic 2.5-7x for a general purpose 22 scope. A friend of mine had the Simmons 22 Mag. and was pleased with the scope and the price.

I put this Sightron on my Zastavia 22 Bolt rifle last year and am very happy with the optics and operation of it, also no problems so far.

Of course, for only $260 more, you can get a genuine Leupold 2-7X Rimfire scope with an unconditional lifetime warranty. :]