View Full Version : remington 522 viper

August 10, 2011, 16:08
Just got a remington viper for 75 bucks at.a gunshop! Can't wait to shoot one again ! I sold my last one a couple years ago because had to many 22 ( stupid mistake I realize) then started missing it . Found a few for sale minus clip for oone fifty but a clip is still a hundred almost .

August 10, 2011, 17:32
Ok a little high on the clips more like 45 but still

August 11, 2011, 12:12
Too many .22's? There's no such thing as too many .22's. :rofl:

August 12, 2011, 14:12
I like what catmguy445 said!!!!!!!!!!! bet you wish you had not sold me that marlin 39a!