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August 03, 2011, 22:01
I normally carry a polish p-64 for daily carry around town but have taken to carrying a cz 82 with me when I travel to family functions as a truck pistol along with the p-64 on my person...I am wondering if any here carry the cz 82 as a personal weapon and which holster they are using?

I like the cz 82 alot and my wife not only likes it but can shoot it very well...she hates the G19 that I would like her to shoot and become more familiar with (small hands) so I am looking for good solid carry rigs for the cz 82...

any suggestions?

August 06, 2011, 09:11
I use one of these:



August 07, 2011, 12:14
Bianchi model 100 size 9. If you like IWBs, it's a great piece of leather that fits like it was made for it.

August 12, 2011, 21:05
thanks guy's I will check both out and see which I prefer.:beer:

August 17, 2011, 16:49
Not sure if you like Yaqui slides but I found a type made by Holster Kings for $20 at a gun show recently. No retention straps or anything but it does seem to wear okay (IWB, Belt slide, ITP). I think their site is www.holsterkings.com.

Some of those Cz 82s have a nice belt holster that looks like an FBI-inspired type but the only ones I've seen recently have been the semi-drop-leg type. It's pretty and shines up nice but I absolutely hate how it wears. The matching mag pouch was okay, though.

I have also been playing around with a cheapy Blackhawk (sorry, BLACKHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since that seems to be their MO) pocket holster that I got from Wally-World for $10. Does okay in a jacket but doesn't do much for keeping the gun properly oriented.

A similar Blackhawk (OK I'm not that excited anymore) nylon holster from WW does pretty good but rather than a thumb break it has a snap that pops loose on the side of the holster. I haven't got to play with this one as much and I don't think it'll conceal as well as some of the other options presented.

CZ just doesn't seem to get the accessories that other companies do. That sux cuz their guns are frikkin' awesome.