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July 24, 2011, 11:37
Well after owning a P229, I decided to buy a 250. Overall I am disappointed. it feels cheap compared to the 250, does not shoot as well and is not as comfortable to shoot. It feels and shoots more like a Glock than a SIG.

I do not recommend it, spend a bit more and get a 229.

July 27, 2011, 16:49
Well the 229 is from the original 220,225,226, & 228 series. High quality & dollar. The 250 series is a lower cost gun for people who don't want to spend the $ a 220 series gun costs. Since it costs less, it will not have all the features & quality of the higher dollar gun. I sell these at work, & still have a 220 I bought back in '88. Great gun, & it still looks new. I'm not impressed with the Sig's below the 220 series. GARY N4KVE

July 28, 2011, 13:25
SIG really thought they were aiming high with this pistol, but like a lot of the Mr. Potato Head pistols, the idea seems doomed.

Not as good accuracy as associated with other SIGs and a so-so trigger The real kicker (Mr. Potato Head issue) is that if you actually want to mess around with the caliber or size interchangeability, the cost of the additional kit is priced around the same as just buying a new pistol. So why bother? Just buy a second pistol.

Really, whoever came up with this great idea and pricing should be on an unemployment line.

Don't give up on SIG polymer though. Try the SP2022. It is an excellent pistol! Priced very reasonably. Better trigger and accuracy than the 250 by far.

August 02, 2011, 20:04
I liked the IDEA of the interchangeable grips, etc, to easily change the 250 to fit different individuals, or it's purpose, etc.

The grip frames are actually fairly reasonably priced.

As was a 250 package with two grip frames of different types with two barrels and slides.
That was a compact & a standard frame, slides, barrels that was offered recently.
Too bad it was only one frame insert, but....:tongue:

Also too bad that the 250 seems to have not gathered much respect or love so far.
I had thought about trading my 229, maybe ???? in for one.
I'm glad I held off.:wink: