View Full Version : Stainless frame versus aluminum regarding recoil

June 08, 2011, 19:43
Sometimes pistols do unexpected things like giving a different recoil impulse depending on what they are made from. With that said, I'm curious if there is a difference in the way the recoil of a P220 feels depending on if it's an all stainless model or one with an aluminum frame.

I had assumed a heavier all stainless model would absorb the recoil more but maybe I'm wrong? Anyone ever compare the two side-by-side?

June 09, 2011, 10:36
I have noticed a difference in felt recoil between 2 sig p226's both in .40s&w. one was an elite and the other the all stainless model and the stainless had less sharpness to it and just felt more progressive. I find .40 has a sharpness to it that is especially pronounced in polymer guns. My friend has a subcompact glock in .40 (g27?) and it is very snappy. The steel in my opinion does cut down in recoil a very noticeable amount and the sig 226 in .40 is my next purchase after that demo.