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May 13, 2011, 10:09
Well, this forum isn't very popular I see. No matter, I was looking at the MSAR's as I have always wanted an AUG. Problem is I wanted the E4 model so I could use AR mags. After looking at a local Gander mtn, the salesman said I could probably find a US made AUG which Steyr had discontinued. I didn't even know there was a US made AUG. Any way I got a New Steyr AUG A3 NATO which takes AR mags. I added a red dot and some Lancer L5 mags also the Neu-trigger.
This thing ROCKS! I took it out with some friends and shamed them and their AR's. :D
Well that was easy since they have no military training. But the AUG is IMO a far superior weapon. Easier to handle,clean,clear for sure. Reloading is a half a second slower,but I will trade that for the size of a SBR without the extra $200.00 and paperwork.
I could never have afforded this exept, I had just sold and quit riding motorcycles after 30 years.
I wish I had gotten one of these a long time ago instead of having several AR's which are very overrated.........IMO.
Not a hater just hate cleaning those things.

May 13, 2011, 15:22
They are fine rifles. I had an MSAR-556 a few years back, but was not happy with the lower line of sight of the integral scope... sold it... fast forward another year and I have two factory AUG's in my safe, an A1 with the 20" barrel and an A2 with a 16" barrel. Oh so handy, clean shooting, and pleasant to shoot.

As much as I love my FALs, L1A1s, ARs, AKs, and the trusty M1A... all day I see the Australian troops here at Kandahar with their F88's (Aussie made AUGs) and can't wait to get back to the States to put some rounds through mine...



May 14, 2011, 08:06
Did you buy two more MSAR products or some original Aug rifles?

May 14, 2011, 08:32
If you are asking me, factory AUGs as stated. MSARs are nice and all, but I sold off some high end SBR's I built and never shot to finance the cash for the AUGs with no regrets...

May 14, 2011, 11:56
Congratulations! You'll like it...

The AUG that I have is one of the small number of Interarms marked ones that was imported in about 1985. I have been very happy with it...

Keep in mind that CDNN still has the Steyr produced black stocks with the STANAG mag-well for M16 mags. Although I picked one up, I have never had it mounted on my AUG because I like the Steyr synthetic mags and have quite a few. But it's always nice to have options... :)

If you're left handed (I'm not), also keep in mind that the stock for M16 mags is a right-hand only stock, unlike the original stocks that can be set up either right or left...


Andy the Aussie
May 14, 2011, 16:56
Ben you are seeing the evolution of the AUG/F88 with the Aussies, I think we have discussed it but have you seen the tan ones there yet ? I know that have certainly been deployed to your AO now for sometime but they are FTR rifles so they and the green ones serve side by side.

May 14, 2011, 17:27

What's an FTR rifle? When I was in Iraq in Tikrit we had an Aussie MAJ as a liaison officer. I asked him what he thought of his AusSteyr, he offered it to me and said, have a look. I told him thanks and said I had one at home. He laughed and said he liked his weapon, then he said I could look at his HiPower. Looked like it had been in service since Vietnam. Nice fella.


Andy the Aussie
May 14, 2011, 17:35
FTR = Factory Thorough Repair ... that would equate to an arsenal rebuild to you guys I guess. The rifles are returned to Lithgow and made "new" again. In the case of the latest version that includes some rails and a tan/brown all over paint job (well I think the plastics are moulded that colour but the metal also gets the brown brush ;) as well now.

Lots of those BHPs HAVE been in service since Vietnam. Till the start of our involvement in Iraq and Arsecrackestan handguns were a real novelty and NEVER seen issued in the numbers they are now. We bought lots but stored many. I was shooting against an Aussie Army pistol team about 8 years ago (they just pulled service weapons out of the armoury for the match) and the team captain had a box of hardly used BHPs he "came by". I still see BHP magazines in service dated in the 1960s.


May 15, 2011, 18:06
I saw a picture of an Aug in the LMG version. the 24 inch barrel with the bipod attached,I would buy an MSAR in a heartbeat if they offered that configuration.that and the 18 inch version would make an awesome combination for me.

May 15, 2011, 19:04
Are the MSAR's still available for $999 at CDNN?

They have them listed in the current catalog.

Just wondered if anyone had ordered one recently.

May 17, 2011, 10:12
The only place I have found MSAR's in stock is Gander mtn. That is in local stores. I could not find the E4 models which led me to buy the Steyr for a little more.
I now have about 300 rounds through it with no FTF's. Tried Tula Russian steel crap cause its cheap and I shoot it in my Mini14. Well, it works but barely functions and feels like a .22,last round bolt hold open does not engage.The ammo is really weak and you must change the gas setting to the foul or weak ammo setting for decent shooting.
I picked up 2 cases of ammo at the Orlando gun show. The 62gr penetrator,got 10 mags loaded, so I'm off to do some Blasting TODAY!

Did I tell you how easy this thing is to clean? If I had one in the service I could have spent a lot more time being productive instead of cleaning weapons.