View Full Version : PARA build question

April 18, 2011, 06:37
I'm getting parts together for a para build, so far I've got.............

DSA T2 receiver (18K SN# range)
DSA folder
NOS T2 Belgian lower
NOS Steyr bolt
NOS "target marked" Steyr barrel

The remainder of the parts will be NOS or new condition FN &/or Steyr parts - Question is should i use a DSA or a NOS Argie carrier? - Because of the sand cuts i HATE the looks of a DSA para carrier but i have heard people have had problems with the NOS Argie carriers that Sarco has - Any of you guys using a Argie carrier that came from Sarco?


April 18, 2011, 11:56
I got an Argy Para carrier from SARCO and I got no issues at all....my only problem with my Argy PARA was the bolt hold open that I got from DSA, fixed as soon as I replaced it with the original Argy from the kit.
Those para carrier from Sarco are also brand new with no serial numbers, so you can customize it to your serial number build.