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April 06, 2011, 00:53
I've been told that the FNC is a good F/A rifle but know nothing about them. Can anyone please educate me on basics such as how good are they, how reliable, how accurate, parts availability, and anything else that you think I should know about them to help me decide about buying one.

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April 06, 2011, 08:13
Right now it is the least expensive option for a rifle caliber FA. Some people have described it as a really well-made AK. It is reliable and controllable on FA. The only thing I have heard people complain about is the lack of BHO.

April 06, 2011, 12:08
The FNC is sexy, and it is made by HERSTAL. Those are two very good points.

I own one, it IS extremely reliable, and fun to shoot.
It has aspects of a FAL, AK, and M16 all rolled into one.

The FNC fires from a closed bolt and has a piston gas system similar to the AK.
It also has an adjustable gas lever for low powered ammo.

The lower recvr is similar in design to the FAL, with the magazine release of an M16.
There is no bolt hold open.

The iron sights are simple but effective. Windage and elevation are set for BZO.
There is a rear flip sight with settings for 250/400m. I can put hits on Q targets to 500m with the irons no problem.

It uses all the same mags as the M16 including the Beta. You can only shoot 55 grainers however because of the 1/12 barrel twist rate. It is very accurate as well. The weapon is heavy and recoil is very light. Trigger pull is heavy, not a match trigger by any means.

The one thing that is known to break is the firing pins. They are easiliy replacable, but cost about $30. Keep spares on hand. I broke one so far. Dry firing is not recommended....

As far as other replacement parts, your best bet is to buy a spare semi host (~$2500) and then you have a complete spare set of parts. Most of the critical individual spares are made of unobtanium.

If you do break a bolt, you better have one on the shelf as a spare (I do). The last one I saw on Gunbroker went for $500.

If you do break a bolt carrier, or a hammer, you will have to send the weapon to a smith to fix, as the sear is timed to those two customized parts.

The reason the FNC is cheap is because spare parts are a problem. It is only going to get worse as time goes on.

One benifit to buying semi guns as spares, is that you will have complete barreled uppers you can swap out on your registered sear. This very nice to have when blasting away.

My two cents... IF you have the extra coin, get the M16. Parts are abundant and you can change it into any configuration you wnat at anytime. The FNC is what it is, and there isn't any aftermarket parts out there to make it different.

By the time you buy a FA and a semi, you will have almost as much into it as an M16.

If you are cash strapped, the AC556 is probably the cheapest rifle caliber option out there right now.

April 06, 2011, 21:26
Thanks FAL rat and Stranger. Some good info there. Spare parts are an important consideration. If it breaks and can't be fixed, or costs a lot to fix, it's just an expensive pile of parts. I didn't know that parts were so hard to come by.

If it's that reliable I'd think that breakages will be very minimal. Have to ask, how do you break a bolt? Does it ever happen?

The lower cost, common mags were tempting.

Spare parts should be no problem for the Ruger, but how is the accuracy of the Ruger?

Thank's again for the good info.


April 07, 2011, 16:09
I haven't broke a bolt, and I would consider it rare, but I know of someone who has.

The fact is that all mechanical things break eventually, especially if abused.

If you are planning to do Beta mag dumps on a constant basis, then spare parts will become a concern.

If you shoot it "normally", yes I know some people consider Beta dumps normal....but if your shooting is kept under control, the FNC is known to have a very high reliability.

April 07, 2011, 18:02
Chris at Vulcan Imports usually has a long list of available parts over in the FNC section of UziTalk.

April 10, 2011, 11:30
There are companys stepping up and making replacemnt parts. Green Mountain barrels just made a run of tubes for the FNC.

April 10, 2011, 12:48
Thanks everyone for the info. I've been checking on line the only complaint seems to be no spare parts.

When trying to go to Vulcan Imports, Firefox says that it has detected malware and won't open the page without further approval from me, so I just close.

Thanks again to all who replied. That's what makes this a great site.