View Full Version : Laser for a P226R

March 26, 2011, 20:21
I'm looking for a green laser. I've got this idea that if I can find an accurate enough laser I can hit targets with my P226 at a 100y. If I do it with iron sights the bullets will go anywhere within about 5-10'.

What's the best green laser out there under $400? I've looked at several reviews and have seen many failures. At one time it was up in the air whether the ncstar green lasers were ok but in the past few months several reviews have come out where it stopped working after 3-4 shots. There is a video on youtube where a viridian laser does the same thing but I'd say they would replace it if I had a similar experience. I think sig sells one for around $150. There is lasermax which is where I'm leaning. A thread on candle power forums said the green lasers are complicated with crystals and lenses. They recommended diode based lasers which it seems don't come in green.