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March 23, 2011, 17:53
I took out the StG I bought Sunday and fired it today. It is pictured in this post.

It works great but only functions with the gas setting on number one.
My Imbel FAL works on 3 and I set it to 2. Is this because of the short gas tube?

So I ran about 60 rnds thru it and it performed flawless. I used the bipods firing from the prone and my friends thought I had it on full auto. It really was bumpfiring off my shoulder so I let er rip with about 13 rounds then a couple of 3 round bursts. Accuracy was great but I was only shooting 16oz water bottles at 50 to 60 yrds.
Are all the gas plugs the same? I like the one on the StG,it has a flat attachment that makes it easy to manipulate....so I put it on the FAL when I got home. I also want to put the flat top butt stock from the StG on to the FAL which has a groove or hump in it. I feel better with the straight one. Do I really need a special tool to get the spring out or will a screwdriver work? I need to do this soon as a fellow worker has offered me $850.00 for the StG and I am probably going to take it seeing how I didn't intend to buy a rifle anyway and I can pocket some cash and keep the extra mags.

Appreciate any help Thanks

March 23, 2011, 20:01
Yes, you need the special tool to remove the butt stock spring.

I unwittfully tried to take the spring out with just a screwdriver. Darn near put my eye out and almost killed the cat on the other side of the living room when the spring shot out!