View Full Version : Soviet or Com-Bloc suppressors??

March 02, 2011, 15:56
Is anyone making Soviet style, or any other Com-Bloc style, suppressors?
Was thinking of pinning a fake can on my Krinkov but now thinking of SBRing it and getting a real suppressor for it.
Caliber is 5.45 x 39.

A style something like the fake can from K-VAR.

Photo taken from K-VAR web site (http://www.k-var.com/shop/home.php):


March 03, 2011, 00:53
Red Jacket makes one, look about half way down the page

March 03, 2011, 07:20
JOHN E is right. Red Jacket is the only maker that I know of that makes suppressors that look Soviet style
I donít know how quiet RJís suppressors but they canít be much worse than the real thing

Most but mot all commie suppressors are mono-core design. I like the MC design because of its simplicity and ease of cleaning but they are difficult to get quite. I.ve built them before and working on a new design now

RJ is considered one of the best builders of Aks and would be a good bet if you want him to SBR your AK and build a suppressor

IF RJ canít build you want you need, you could consider doing a Form 1 yourself