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one hand clapping
February 06, 2011, 10:37
hhhey folks , I need to know some protocol.
I want to put a suppressor on one of my bolt guns. where do I get the form to take to my local sheriff? or what is the process please?

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One hand clapping

February 06, 2011, 11:25

You can use a Trust to get around having to have the sherrif sign off. Another postive with the trust is that your children can be added to the trust and there would be no need to redo the paper work once it came time to transfer the item to them.

Yes, a Trust cost a little more up front but saves money and hassle once it comes time to pass it on. Also AR15.com has a great section on Class III items.


February 06, 2011, 15:42
You need to first contact a Class III dealer and find out what the suppressor laws are in WV
It will also give you a chance to see what the dealer has in stock. It will take much longer if a dealer has to order the suppressor you want

Supposedly the BATFE is going to do away with the CLEO sign-off in a couple of months but no finger print card or photo is needed if you use a Trust

What caliber do you need a suppressor for?
Do you want a multi-gun suppressor?
Do you need a multi-caliber suppressor?
Is weight an issue?
Is the barrel already threaded?

You may not think you need a quick change mount but they really come in handy.
Cleaning the barrel is a lot easier and you donít have to worry about the barrel threads or the suppressor loosening
A can such as the AAC 7.62SD will work well on an AR as well as a 30 cal bolt gun

The YHM SS Phantom runs about $600 with QD flash hider.
The AAC 7.62SD runs about $800 + $100 for the QD mount


one hand clapping
February 09, 2011, 09:08
Thanks guys, Is the trust like a family trust that you put the families possessions / land in? can you file yourself or do ya really need a "lawyer"?
The can would be 30 cal, one gun but I like the quick disconnect option. How bout a wisper 300??

February 09, 2011, 10:41
one hand clapping


The posts by guntrustlawyer are good information. I have gone through the form 4 process multiple times as a person without issue. (that being said we have one hell of a good sheriff here) I have corporation/trusts but did not want to muddy the water.


These will run you some coin but are built to last and can be torn apart to clean. A suppressor will foul a great deal over time and cleaning can get you quite a bit more life out of them. The larger the caliber the more important this becomes IMO.

February 09, 2011, 11:07
If the sheriff will sign, go for it. Silencers aren't worth much more than the tax stamp. Seems like a lot of trouble to do the whole trust thing for 1 silencer.

If your CLEO is an A-hole and won't sign then you might not have much choice. I just drop off my forms at the front counter of the Sheriff's office, they call me back in a couple of days and I pick it up. My City CLEO totally refuses to sign anything (except for his own officers) so I must have the County Sheriff sign off.

The whole CLEO sign off is stupid and aniquated, you automatically get a FBI background check during NFA approval, what the hell does the local Sherrif know about you that the FBI doesn't? I suppose this made sense back in the 30's when the sheriff knew everybody in town and could vouch for you.

It kinda pisses me off that LEOs refuse to sign these things when it's really part of their job. Let's face it, only honest, law abiding citizens would go through this much trouble to obtain NFA stuff. You think a hardened criminal would fill out a form 4, pay the tax, pay the dealer and wait several months for an AOW or just go to the hardware store and buy a hacksaw?

February 09, 2011, 11:11
Here's a link to the form...


These have to be printed front and back. I don't think they will accept one-sided forms.

February 09, 2011, 16:02
Originally posted by one hand clapping
Thanks guys, Is the trust like a family trust that you put the families possessions / land in? can you file yourself or do ya really need a "lawyer"?
The can would be 30 cal, one gun but I like the quick disconnect option. How bout a wisper 300??

i'm going with the YHM 7.62 phantom QD, just so i can swap it between my 5.56 M-16, AR in 300 whisper/fireball, the FALs and my DPMS LR-308...

the ball will get rolling as soon as i have my tax refund in hand.

probably won't see it till july or august, but shoot, i waited just as long for my M-16 so no biggie i guess.

something to consider, the transfer time (form4) will give me plenty of time to the the 300 whisper up and running, plus time to get my LR-308 barrel sent off to adco for threading.

looks like you and i are on similar pages, OHC...