View Full Version : chrome peeling off firing pin safety plunger?

February 05, 2011, 17:51
Is this a known issue?

The gun is a Generation 3 model G22.

Probably 800-1000 rounds through it.

First time I've had the firing pin safety plunger out of the slide.

Little white things stuck on the plunger are bits of paper towel that stuck to
the peeling edges of the chrome when I was wiping it down.

I noticed little flecks of silver-chrome stuck to my fingers after I wiped the plunger.

next to penny for scale - then mondo-size



February 08, 2011, 17:02
According to Glock's website:"The GLOCK firing pin safety is a solid hardened steel pin which, in the secured state, blocks the firing pin channel, rendering the igniting of a chambered cartridge by the firing pin impossible."

I don't know why they would plate a hardened steel pin, but I guess it's possible.

I have looked at a new Firing Pin Safety in the package, one in a new G22 Gen4, and one in a G34 Gen3. The G34 has fired about a thousand rounds, but the G22 is almost new. While they are steel parts, they don't look chrome-plated to me.

If yours is not an aftermarket part, I wonder if the flaking you are seeing might be some sort of firing residue.

Do you have an aftermarket barrel, and if so, are you using plain lead bullets? If that's the case, what you see might be lead.

Otherwise, I'm puzzled. I also checked the Glock Pro forum and found no mention of "peeling chrome".

Have you tried to vigorously clean the part? If you do damage the thing, the replacement cost is $3.99 retail from Glock Store.

Please let me know what you find, this is interesting.


February 24, 2011, 03:42
Toss that one and get another. You don't want something sloughing off hard metal flakes into your firing pin channel and otherwise bouncing around inside your slide area. The wear on the part is going to accelerate since the apparent hard chroming has bit the dust.