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January 31, 2011, 18:04
Any difference between the first production rifles verses current production?Found one local may pick it up if seller and I come to an agreement.Rifle is NIB.

January 31, 2011, 19:00
OK, this is from another site:

Gen I: (First "Limited Edition" packages introduced during this run. Some early black LE models had a different feedramp and were recalled. ) -Stock: No fence around the bolt catch, no swivel pockets on the bottom, forward assist. -Bolt Group: Full fluting on carrier, fluted RH thrust piece, balled LH thrust piece. -Barrel: 1/9 Twist, Tulip f/h

Gen II: -Stock: Fence around bolt catch, swivel pockets under rear of stock and grip. -Bolt Group: Smooth carrier, non-fluted RH thrust piece. -Barrel: 1/8 Twist, Tulip f/h

Gen III: (Some limited ed. rifles built during this time. Gebirgsjaeger, Tactical, ACU, etc) -Stock: No forward assist, Steyr AUG mag compatible. -Barrel: Some "Jagdkommando" flash hiders installed on bbls around this time. Later changed back to tulip. Gen IV: -Stock: Twist-off ejection port cover. Squared-off receiver lock* -Barrel: Tulip f/h (unless 'C' model for ban states), 1/2x28RH twist on newer bbls. Some 13x1L still installed. -Optic: Upgraded Knobs *At approximately SN: 600-P006800, MSAR started using the squared receiver lock, allowing for forward compatibility with the E4 stock.

E4: -Stock: AR mag compatible, added texture, finger groove on grip, hard points for additional mounts, re-designed bolt catch. -Barrel: 1/2x28RH twist, Tulip f/h (unless 'C' model for ban states) -Bolt Group: Chrome plated bolt, sleeve, rod guides, thrust pieces. -Optic: Increased height -Rail: Decreased height of top rail, extended length


February 02, 2011, 22:09
Thank you Sir.