View Full Version : CZ Custom Shop prototype

January 23, 2011, 00:51
Angus Hobdell showing me a 25acp pocket pistol he is developing, made in the USA. Horrible picture, but I didnt take it (Obviously).....


January 23, 2011, 20:59
Interesting. Sort of.:rolleyes:
Now, if it was a .22......:biggrin:
It would be MUCH more interesting.
If you are going to have a pocket pistol, it might as well be something you can afford to practice with.
And, .22 LR has nearly ? the stopping power of the underpowered .25 acp.:wink:

January 24, 2011, 15:16
And 22 mag has nearly the stopping power of the .32.

BUT I would rather have the .38 in a pocket pistol.

For now I have the 22 mag NAA with the 1 5/8" barrel. I can shoot you 5 times and I better hope I won't have to reload since you couldn't do that on the run.

Tell him good luck with it but the .25 won't be most peoples choice.