View Full Version : VZ58 build, 1st time out

January 11, 2011, 14:48
Lets see if I can get these pics posted.
Took mine out to the range for the 1st time this weekend. Nice, very nice.
It didn't like to feed Yugo ammo though, but ate up wolf and barnaul.
I built this on an ORF receiver, so I think the feed ramp just needs some massaging to get the Yugo going better.
The ORF fcg (trigger, disconnector, and sear) suck big time. I'm currently searching out a better option.

As far as accuracy, it was hands down Barnaul's fmj out of the 3 I tried. Other 2 were wolf's HP and Yugo surplus. I kept them all in the 9 ring at 100 yards (less then 4" group) with sights, strong wind from my back, about 25 degrees temp. Yes, my hands were ice and I was cold to the core. I tried not to let the barrel get too hot as this would string them up, vertically, I noticed.

I only had to paint the muz. brake and receiver since the rest of the kit was like new condition. I used Duracoat's VZ2000 with a couple coats of gloss to match up with the original gloss paint. I had to just touch the gloss after it dried with some 0000 (or was it 000) steel wool to tone down the sheen a bit. Great match with orginal. The color difference actually shows more in the pics than in hand.

After I tighten up the folding stock, I'll paint that also.

Need I say it? Yes, I love this rifle.




January 11, 2011, 17:01
Looks good.. :beer:
Glad ya like the rifle, I think they are pretty good shooting little fuggers and quite handy.. They feel light, but also very solid which I like..

I'm W/YA on the ORF FCG and will be checking back here to see what you find as a replacement..

I have some info somewhere for a replacement a Bud told me he was very pleased with.. Maybe he will post up here with that info before I find it?

January 11, 2011, 23:09
very nice!

excellent match on the finish; if you'd have said nothing, I'd have thought nothing.

January 12, 2011, 16:10
Obiwanbonjovi just wrote me back about the fcg he's offering.
I'll be ordering that this week and then write a review on it since I wasn't able to find a review on it. Might help some other poor soul down the road.

I'm going to go ahead and order his gas piston as well see'n as its hard chromed. Chrome is a lot easier to get that carbon off of. I like easy to clean stuff.

January 13, 2011, 03:30
I have Obi's FCG in my ORF home build. I have a small issue in the resetting of the sear, but Obi gave me his phone number and I am going to call him for clearing up the minor detail sometime soon when I can get a chance to get back in the shop during normal hours. I have a post somewhere in the Ak Forum, I believe, when I started this project.