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January 08, 2011, 12:02
Are Czs the same as EAA witnesses? Im feeling that i need one but need to know more about them to decide which one.

January 08, 2011, 14:24
What model are you looking at? Some of the EAA pistols are clones of the CZ.

January 08, 2011, 14:25
Go with the real deal. You do not have to accept clones any more.

January 08, 2011, 14:31
The word Tanfoglio springs to mind. But you can't go wrong with a CZ.

January 08, 2011, 15:10
witness and tanfoglio's are nice but why go 2nd class when you can get the real deal for the same money and many time sless depending on make, model and features.:shades:

January 08, 2011, 15:35
I own both.
The pistols have grown apart over the last 30years. Many things are designed differently between the two now.

The Witness is easier to put a nice trigger on mostly because they designed a better firing pin block. A Witness is easier to change to left hand mag release. The Witness comes in 10mm and 38super. Witnesses also look like the machinist needed another hour to properly finish work.

Unless you want a 10 or a 38super I recommend the CZ.


January 08, 2011, 16:53
im undecided between a 9mm or a 45. I like the EAA match type pistols with the full shroud frame but want a .22 conversion kit and I dont know if any are available for EAA. I also probably cant spend a grand on one either so the match pistol are probably out. To many guns, to little time.....

January 08, 2011, 18:54
as was mentioned; the CZ and EAA families have grown apart.

I have owned a witness, and continue to own CZ's...my experience with the witness was not that great; the finish was not good; I spent a couple hours polishing and honing things to make it feel finished.

If you want to shoot 9mm and .22; I would absolutely, whole heartedly recommend the CZ, as was already said, .38 super and 10mm are exclusive to the witness family.

January 08, 2011, 20:43
I've shot one of the witness 10's and it was fairly nice but it did need a lil tlc as far as fit and finish go.

it was a nice shooter none the less.

January 08, 2011, 22:00
im going to stick with 9 or 45 as I have a fair bit of it and dont reload, id like a 40 or 10mm but dont have any substantial ammo for either, ill have to keep my eye out for a CZ and take it from there, thanks for all the info

January 09, 2011, 05:10
I have both eaa witness and cz pistols. the eaa witness is made by tanfoglio, it is 38 super, great shooting pistol in a great caliber, if cz chambered 38 super
i would not have it, in cz i have an 85b and 75 sp01, both 9/19. i also have a
97b 45 acp. my son has 527 in 223 amd 7.2 x 39 adn a 452 22lr. Cannot say enough good things about cz, not the best triggers, maybe not the prettiest, or have enough tupperware in em, but they really get the job done.

January 09, 2011, 09:27
The Witness pistols are all built on the larger frame now.
The advantage being that you can swap top ends and magazines to convert from 9mm up to .45 and 10mm on the same frame.
The disadvantage being that the frame is larger than necessary for 9mm and .40 S & W. If that is a problem.

I have a single action Witness Match in 9mm that I bought because the trigger was far superior to any of the several CZ 75Bs the same shop had and the price wasn't much more.
The top end of my .45 acp SA/DA Witness goes right on it and functions fine.
I have the .22 conversion that works on either frame but looks better on the Match frame as the barrel and slide are the same length as the 9mm.

January 09, 2011, 09:36
feeling like I need a CZ and a witness now.....