View Full Version : Re-acquainting myself with my old G20, good times at the range

Timber Wolf
January 07, 2011, 13:38
So I broke down, blew the dust off of it, and hit the range with my old G20 the other day. I have had it for a long time and never really shot it much. I also had its’ twin, a G21 but did not really like it much, too big for my hand. I recently swapped off the G21 but just could not make myself dispose of the G20, my only 10mm. I picked up 300 10mm brass as well as a thousand plated bullets and a set of carbide dies and decided to do something about the G20 languishing in the safe. Before I could do any loading I found some Privi factory 10mm ammo on-line at around $19 (delivered) a box (50) and bit on 500 rounds. If you have priced 10mm brass lately you know that I could not hardly buy the brass, jacketed bullets, primers, and powder for that let alone my time to load it. And now I will have another 500 brass! I grabbed up the big Glock, my S&W 52 & 28, and headed out to the local range. I had a blast, kind of sorry I traded the G21 now (not really). I shot the G20 better than I ever remember and did not seem to mind the feel of the grip. I am having strange thoughts about tracking down a little G29 or maybe a G20SF now……

January 07, 2011, 17:09
I love my G30, and have been thinking of getting a G21. Wish I would have met you before you traded yours!

January 07, 2011, 21:29
I have the G29 and love it. If you get one get the finger extension for the magazine it helps the hand fit better.

January 07, 2011, 22:05

Timber Wolf
January 08, 2011, 16:49
Originally posted by 1911Ron
I have the G29 and love it. If you get one get the finger extension for the magazine it helps the hand fit better.

I believe you about the finger extension, I had a G27 for a while and it felt good with the extension. It felt even better with a sleeved G23 mag in it! The G27 did not feel as Glockish to me as the fat part of my palm kind of wrapped under the bottom of the grip. I traded it because even though I shot it well I like the one-handed feel of my XDsc better (although I certainly don't shoot it any better :uhoh: ). A little G29 loaded up with a few of my secret stash of OLD Norma hair-on-chest 10mm ammo would be a formidable IWB carry piece.