View Full Version : How the Russians dealt with pirates

December 03, 2010, 09:16

Caught em in the act, handcuffed them to their boat and set fire to it. No returning pirating from these guys...

Pirates said they were fisherman, didn't any nets or rods, and did have an awful lot of guns on board. They did have block that could have been used to pull in a net, but alas, no net. Life is tough, and short, for a captured pirate.

December 03, 2010, 11:25
Excellent results. John Paul Jones (not the Zeppelin bassist either) would be proud!


V guy
December 03, 2010, 13:09
Every Sailor is a fireman.

December 03, 2010, 13:18
I'll bet a bunch of crews are trying to buy Russian flags for their ships about now.