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October 27, 2010, 16:37
Several weeks ago, I took the wife for a two hour ride to the local outlet mall (Birch Run, MI near Frankenmuth) early this morning. We started with a trip to the Police Station at 0730 - while walking the dog my wife found a wallet on the street. The person wasn't from the neighborhood; so I asked the PD to keep us anonymous. In the wallet there was a out of state DL, in state ID, $27.00, and an in state fishing license.

So ok of course I had an alterior motive to take my wife shopping early on a Sunday morning; I was going to meet someone coming from another direction, bringing a rifle I was considering buying. As they say, pictures are worth 1,000s of words so I'll let the photos speak and only interject when needed...


It is an Adler Armi Galil .22 lr, aka AP-84. Armi made .22 caliber versions of the AK47, M16, Galil, and the French FAMAS assault rifle, known as the Bugle because of its looks. Some varients were made in .22 magnum and .32 acp. These were imported by different importers; this one, Mitchell...

I have an Armi Jager M16 .22 with a triangular hand guard and triple prong flash hider; but compared to this gun the M16 is a really inexpensive copy. This is a very nicely made rifle.

It came with one magazine, sling, folding bipod, screw on scope mount, magazine loading tool, allen wrench to adjust front and rear sights, owner's manual, and came in the original boxes. Magazines are few and far between; I paid $60 each for two NIB 29 round magazines; I found a discussion where someone said they paid $100 each for 2 of them. I'll try for the range tomorrow but this one may stay in the box for a long time......

It shoots fairly well too:


Tuscan Raider
October 27, 2010, 23:21
So, you lucky friggin bastage. How much for the rifle?
That is sweet. Shoot carefully, parts may be a hassle to replace.

October 31, 2010, 17:54
Very nice :love: :cool:

November 01, 2010, 19:38
You certainly did score....I always wanted one, but settled for an AP-74! Nice rifle.