View Full Version : Any experience with YHM suppressors and their FAL adaptor??

Viper Driver
October 17, 2010, 19:28
Hey guys looking at getting a 7.62mm suppressor for the FAL. Yankee Hill Machine company has one that uses a QD FAL threaded mount, than I can also buy a second QD mount for the ARs, and use the same can.

Any one have good or bad experiences with these guys?

An email back from them said the decibel reduction using the 5.56 round is the same as with the 7.62, so no worries about the larger hole when used on the smaller rifle.

This is the one I am considering.


I am also considering just having the barrel retreaded to match the AR threads, than only having to buy one type of mount.

October 19, 2010, 00:51
Well I don't have the one your interested in but I use my 30 cal AAC cyclone on my 308 as well as 243 and find it reasonable shushed. I have tried it on 223 and it works but is heavy so wound up with a dedictated 223 can.

September 30, 2011, 08:33
Viper Driver,
I have both a YHM 223 and .308 can. They have designed the can mounts to allow placing a larger caliber can on a smaller caliber rifle, but prevents the 223 can from being mounted on the 308. They do this by having the same diameter flash hider but make them different lengths so the smaller cal can won't engage the mount threads on the larger bore mount. Do not try to thread the .308 to fit the 223 can mount, because the .223 muzzle hole will be too small. I have used the .308 can on the AR-15 with good results although the 223 can is quieter than the .308 can on this rifle. The 308 can is larger and heavier than the 223 can.


edited to add: I initially purchased a YHM Phantom can mount threaded for the M-14 by mistake and my gunsmith stated that the FAL barrel was too thin to cut that thread pattern. I got another mount specifically for the FAL and this is presently being threaded to put on a Steryr kit with barrel cut to 18 inches and using a DSA Para folding stock and Para scope mount. The most important thing about mounting cans is having the can mount concentric with the bore!

Viper Driver
September 30, 2011, 10:20
Thanks, it's good to hear you are having the results you wanted. I ended up making some changes to my plans and got a couple of cans for a pair of handguns. However, I am now back into a position where I am searching for a suppressor for my FALs.

Please post a picture of that para in all it's glory when you get it finished. That is a future project I want to tackle.

October 18, 2011, 02:53
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