View Full Version : Well... they made a movie about it...

September 30, 2010, 15:18
Dylan Ratigan JUST had the maker of "INSIDE JOB" on his show - COMPLETELY crucifies the banks and govt showing the fraud and collusion - same EXACT stuff Karl has been writing about for 3 years.

September 30, 2010, 15:21
"The movie was screened at Cannes in May 2010 and is scheduled to be released in the USA by Sony Pictures Classics on October 8th, 2010."

So before election, eh?

September 30, 2010, 15:50
heh thats gonna FUK alot of these scumbag congressmen - from what they showed and talked about this guy has them stone cold caught with their hands in the cookie jar - looks like a must see movie.

September 30, 2010, 17:33
heres the video clips:


start with "waiting for the next financial meltdown" and watch the one or two after that