View Full Version : FBI cites terror link in (MN) raids of local (PEACE) activists

September 24, 2010, 23:28

The FBI raided the Minneapolis homes of five antiwar activists, including three leaders of the Twin Cities peace movement, Friday morning as part of what it called a probe of "activities concerning the material support of terrorism."

John Culver
September 25, 2010, 13:00
Purely harassment raids

The FBI even said they neither planned to make any arrests or file any charges.

Purely designed to harass people

September 26, 2010, 07:10
You wonder why the FBI wastes it's time investigating the mentally ill........

September 27, 2010, 16:31
The former maverick and current Arizona senator was physically confronted by a protester at the conclusion of a televised debate with the challengers to his seat in the upcoming midterm elections (Democrat Rodney Glassman, Green Party candidate Jerry Joslyn and Libertarian candidate David Nolan).

Described as a peace activist and bearing a sign, the protester strode toward McCain on his way out of the KTVK television studios in Phoenix before McCain's security team tackled her. Still, she continued to chant "John McCain has got to go," NECN and KTVK networks reported.