View Full Version : 90 grain .32 wadcutters at 15 yards

September 20, 2010, 18:21
This is why I like the 32's.


September 20, 2010, 20:41
You missed.

September 20, 2010, 21:14
How cool is that!? I like them a lot, too.

Leland :shades:

Retired Bum
September 20, 2010, 22:52
I handload the Hornady 90 gr HBWC in the .32 S&W Long over 2.0 gr of Bullseye. It has proven to be an accurate load in all of my .32 Long/.32 Magnum revolvers. And it has proven to be deadly on small critters like ground squirrels and similiar vermin. It just kills them without all the fur and blood flying like I get with a 90 gr JHP Sierra at 1200 fps out of my S&W Model 16-4 six inch Magnum. Cheaper too....

And so it goes.

The Retired One

charles isaac
September 21, 2010, 11:30
Nice Colt!


September 21, 2010, 19:25
I've shot a bunch of the Speer .32 HBWC. They shoot better than I can hold. The little .32's are fun guns to plink with.

Good work, Temp.

October 20, 2010, 22:03
Next time, shoot the group, draw the circle around the group

and then crop the paper to center the circle.

Then they will be happy.