View Full Version : Food-makers ready to raise prices

September 19, 2010, 15:54
Food-makers ready to raise prices

Kraft, Sara Lee responding to increases in commodity costs


" With the cost of commodities such as wheat and eggs on the rise, food manufacturers are making it clear they won't be eating the increases alone. Prices will rise for consumers, too.".

September 19, 2010, 19:30
Shoot,they have been going up over the last few years-or the price stays the same and the package size shrinks.

I only buy groceries every couple months and rotate my storge-pretty obvious when you compare just bought to what you bought 6 months ago.Tuna fish cans went from 6oz to 5oz,cereals have dropped quite a bit,lots of stuff has shrunk,but if you buy as needed,you probably don't notice.

Even Denninger had a pic on the other day of the toilet paper-still 4 rolls for a 1000 sheets,but the new stuff is 3/4 inch narrower...

Kinda off topic-Tire prices are going up again too.Seems China and India have used 28% more rubber this year so far than last year.The rubber harvest was down as well.Supposedly,China adds thousands of cars a week to their roads.

And the tarriff on Chinese tires?Didn't accomplish shit except to increase the cost to the consumer.We are still importing tons of Chinese tires-and probably will for the forseeable future since the manufacturers here don't want to expand and build cheaper tires here.