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Timber Wolf
September 13, 2010, 14:19
Picked up a couple of boxes of Federal .22 “Auto Match” 325 count bulk pack at a local Wal-Mart last week on a lark. They only had two boxes, and they were the only two boxes I had ever seen and appearantly the only two in town. I called around to our other 4 Wal-Marts and none of them had any. They were fairly priced at $14.47 each and the price was comparable to that of the other Winchester & Federal bulk pack .22 they had. I have a Ruger 10/22 with a “match” chambered heavy barrel that does not like bulk or any other cheap .22 ammo so I wanted to see if the Auto Match would function better. I have only shot one magazine full and that only for function but it was 100%. I have not shot for group as I have not had time and I just swapped scopes around on this rifle, a Marlin .22 Mag., and a Marlin 17 Mag. in a recent big scope swap fest. I will sight it in soon (maybe this weekend) and see how it does for group.

I found a dealer at the local gun show this past weekend who actually had some more and he sold me 5 boxes at $15 a box (he was asking $17). With this recent purchase I am sitting pretty for ammo for the 10/22 and anything else I own that I think will shoot it well. I am wondering what the deal is on this stuff. It is obviously cheap bulk pack ammo but what, if anything, did Federal do for this to be “better” in semi-autos? Anybody shot any of this?

September 21, 2010, 20:10
.22s sure can be picky about what ammo they like.

I tried some of the 'auto match' in my Clark customized 10/22. It functioned just fine, but groups were just middlin'.

I'm down to about three bricks of Federal's old 'Lightnings' (all the same lot number). My rifle really, really likes 'em. I have to shoot high dollar match ammo to do better than Lightnings (and it ain't that much better).

When Federal replaced Lightnings in the line-up with Champions I was hopeful that they'd do as well. They weren't even close.

I still keep my eye's open for reports of superior accuracy from economy .22 ammo. My old Lightnings are going to run out one day.


Timber Wolf
September 23, 2010, 07:41
Picked up a 500 round box of Winchester "Xpert" and two 100 count boxes of Remington Target from Mart-mart yesterday just to have some different stuff on hand to try. It would suck to find something a particular gun REALLY liked and then not be able to find anymore.:mad: I did hope for good accuracy from the Auto Match but mostly wanted reliable functioning, something that had been lacking from my heavy-barreled "match" chambered 10/22 and my M261 conversion kit. The Auto Match does function 100% in the 10/22 and except for the first hand-cycled round out of a mag fine in the M261. I need to investigate the M261 problem and maybe download the mags to 9 rounds. Anyway, shooting .22s is plenty fun and dang cheap too! If I can get the 10/22 to shoot close to as accurately as my Remington 513T I will be a happy camper. Of course the 513T will do it with cheap Federal bulk pack and peep sights!:rolleyes:

September 23, 2010, 07:52
I found the automatch was very reliable - when I first got an Ar15 conversion it was the only ammo that worked every time.

The Winchester Dynapoint of a few years ago was excellent - it went off the market for a while and the stuff I got recently was not nearly as good.

I think the manufacturers play around with the names from time to time - I wish they would give a bit more information about the specs for the various lines.