View Full Version : New charging handle and brass deflector for the AUG

July 25, 2010, 18:36
Howdy all,

The AUG forum here seems a bit slow, so I thought I might show off some new products for the Steyr Aug and MSAR rifles that my company is currently manufacturing. :)


The first product we are making is the Raptor Charging Handle. The stock charging handle is a bit awkward from an ergonomics standpoint to operate and if you mount an Eotech you invariably were bashing your knuckles, so we designed the Raptor charging handle to allow for ergonomic two finger charging with clearance even on large optics such as the Eotech. To boot, the handle is designed so that at the full rearward position it can be folded inward for the bolt hold-open function and will still clear the Eotech.

The other product we are currently manufacturing is the Brass Buster brass deflector. Anyone who has fired a Steyr AUG or MSAR knows that if you try to fire it off your weak shoulder you will get a mouth full of high speed brass. The Brass Buster is designed to prevent this- it just snaps on to the stock and deflects the brass away. Better yet, if you reverse the ejection direction of the rifle you can simply remove the Brass Buster, rotate it 180 degrees, and it will now defelct brass from the other ejection port.

We are looking into products for a couple of different rifles (FAL included!) and should have some more products out in a few months. If you have any questions feel free to post here or shoot me an email. The company website is www.manticorearms.com and has more information on the products.