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July 10, 2010, 16:34
Thanks for your responce in advance.

I recently got a SIG 2022 in 40sw. I had shot a buddies 226, and loved his SA trigger pull. My pistol seems to be a two stage pull in SA with some take up and then a decent short release. What would make me happier would be a single stage pull and then a short release. I heard something about a "short trigger reset" on SIG's and wonder if I can get that on my Pistol. Thanks again.


July 15, 2010, 18:41
I have a SIG 2022, trigger pull is exactly as you describe and has taken a bit to get used to.

I do see CDNN is selling a 'short trigger' but I think that is for shooters with smaller hands?? Havent heard of a short trigger reset for the Pro2022. Perhaps this trigger would lessen the longer take up??

Otherwise, the accuracy of the 9mm SIG 2022 is great! This gun is a keeper!!

feersum dreadnaught
July 16, 2010, 07:47
Sig makes a "SRT" or Short Reset Trigger - but not for the 2022 (frame isn't set up for it), and it doesn't improve the initial release, it provides for a shorter move forward to reset for the second shot.

If you really want the trigger smoothed up, send your Sig off to Oregon to Bruce Gray at GrayGuns.

They did their "action perfection" on my P220 Stainless Elite, which vastly improved the double action pull, and got the single action to near my custom 1911 quality. My daughter prefers the P220 trigger to the 1911 - to her, it seems lighter, could be a combo of hand size and so forth, but the point is, it is much better after the work than before.http://grayguns.com/

July 16, 2010, 17:47
feersum, thanks for the heads up :)