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July 09, 2010, 18:18
Local news did a poll on open carry in the northwoods of wis. where I live
81.16% yes 18.84% No

I carry anyway on my property, Next time i cut grass I plan on carring while cutting grass just to see what happens. I am sure a few a-hole neighbors way down the road will complain I'll thell them the same thing I told them in the past
F**K off.

July 09, 2010, 20:06
I am awary of that, It is for the bigger cities, I live in the boonies where you have more freedom to carry, I have carried weapons in my vehicle with cases and with out in the past and will continue to do so. The only problem is the DNR during hunting season. They tend to get a little more touchy.

The local news showed a women who has carried for a long time a 9mm where ever she went even to church with out a problem,

I talked to a friend and gun smith in Milwaukee who said even there you can have a gun in a case in the front seat but must be unloaded and a clip or speedloader in a small case in open view, it is getting better but slowly as soon as Doyle is gone and a progun Gov. is in it will get better.

Survey Punk
July 09, 2010, 22:57
The Second Amendment to the United States States Constitution says WHAT!

You Pussies!


July 10, 2010, 20:07
Although Wisconsin is legally an open carry state, it is a defacto don't carry at all state. The legal statutes are a maze of inconsistencies, hence the AG's statements. Prior to his pronouncement, you would be harrased just about anywhere in the state if you tried to openly carry a sidearm, whether in a large city or small burg. Attitude has been only cops have a "right" to carry guns, and that has been the enforcement. Very few people have deep enough pockets to truly fight for their rights in court, but fortunately in the last couple of years a small number of people with money HAVE done this. Most recent case I'm aware of was a fella in/near Milwaukee mowing his lawn while carrying a sidearm and having the neighbors call the coppers on him. He was "detained" for his lack of hubris. I believe this was one of the folk who decided to eventually sue for their freedom.
Like California, open carry in Wisconsin was a dirty little secret, not to be practised, unless your a Black Panther, then it's OK, just like in Cali. in the late '60's. Of course Californicators are about to lose that right, so it's a moot point now.