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July 03, 2010, 09:13
I am speechless after reading this.

I am just back from Florida, where I spent a week helping Advanced BiofermentationTM Services (ABS) Inc., wade through federal documents, specifically, the EPA Regional IV Response Team - Approval for Bioremediation Use Guidelines. It will take a great miracle to instigate any clean-up of the beaches and marshes on the Gulf Coast. This is not because the technology does not exist, or man-power, or ready equipment. It is not due to the impossible magnitude of the oil spill. No, it is the massive, mind-bending bog of paperwork created by the bureaucrats that will destroy any progress forward.

To use Biotechnology, first, the "agent" (microbe culture) must be identified, tested, approved, and listed on the National Contingency Plan (NCP) Product Schedule, before being considered for a Bioremediation Use Approval Form (BUAF), which a State/ City / County must submit to the EPA for approval, in order to use microbes in a clean-up. The EPA and State agencies admit in their own documents that they have not yet written requirements or policies regarding bioremediation - other than "it must be used in combination with other methods, unless the other methods (physical / chemical) are not capable of meeting the demand of the cleanup (iow - the spill is too damn big).

Unfortunately, knowing which microbes will be most effective cannot be determined until they are applied. The ABS Inc. method of biofermentationTM uses indigenous oil-eating microbes which they can safely grow on-site by the tons daily, and inject / apply to contaminated water surfaces, beaches and marshes, accelerating long-term, safe, clean-up. More unfortunately, these microbes haven't been listed on the NCP Product Schedule. We submitted the completed requirements to for approval of our “agent”, under the title “miscellaneous oil-eating microbes” – a government term – and just received a further delay of a 28 day test requirement! The government may or may not then give approval for listing on the NCP Product Schedule, but they have 60 days to let us know (which I can attest they will take). If not, we start over again, and wait another 60 days. Meanwhile, the oil does its damage.

Also, a Bioremediation Work Plan and a Bioremediation Monitoring Plan must be written and reviewed for each area, before the BUAF will be accepted. My job was to try and simplify this process for the Vender and the Applicant (City / County). Once the application is submitted, the applicants are at the mercy of whoever receives / processes their paperwork. That person is likely out eating donuts with the local Code Enforcement Officer!

Obama's call to action was to form a Commission to study the cause of the spill. Unbelievable!

I hope blowing my vacation on paperwork, and the money ABS, Inc. spent to fly me down, was not in vain. People often give up during the approval process, and by the time they finally get approval, the damage is done.

Obama is proving his incompetence daily. To borrow a line from Dick Morris, “The obvious fact is that Obama has no executive experience, and neither do any of his top advisors. Without a clear mandate from the top, needed efforts to salvage the situation on the Gulf coast are repeatedly stymied by well meaning bureaucrats strictly following the letter of their agency policy and federal law. The result, ironically, of their determined efforts to protect the environment has been the greatest environmental disaster in history.”

I am an Environmental Investigator for the State of Texas, and can tell you without exception that Mr. Morris is right on!

“The condition for a miracle is difficulty; however, the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.” - Angus Buchan

July 03, 2010, 20:23
That is a case study in how far astray government has gotten. They have become our biggest problem. Literally domestic enemies far worse than the terrorists we have been consumed with. They are on the verge of becoming a scourge on par with the Nazis. Goddamn them all to hell..........

July 03, 2010, 22:43
Men are always looking for new frontiers to conquer or be conquered by, our ignorance makes this oil spill a new frontier.