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July 02, 2010, 21:43
hey guys ... I'm adding glass to my Mod 29 S&W ...

it's circa: early 70's ... drill & tap prob the best way to go as I don't really trust a mount that uses the rear sight ...

some with experience please post your recommendations ...

TIA: ...

July 14, 2010, 08:23
Somewhere around here I have a scope base that bolts to the side of the frame using the sideplate screwholes and maybe the rear sight screw. Seems like it would be sturdy enough. I have never used it but intend to as my eyes get worse with age. I do not know who made it but I'll look for it and see if it is marked with a makers name. I would stay away from the B-square mounts though. I put one of those on a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 and it would clamp securely. I bitched to B-square about it and they sent me another and when that didn't work, I bitched again and they sent another. All the same. Then I gave up. That said, I cringe when I hear about folks drilling nice old guns.

July 14, 2010, 08:57
Originally posted by Gazz
I cringe when I hear about folks drilling nice old guns.


July 14, 2010, 14:03
I don't know of a scope mount for S&W revolvers in the harder-kicking chamberings that doesn't need the topstrap drilled and tapped. I generally won't scope a revolver, largely due to watching the trouble that friends experience with theirs.

July 14, 2010, 15:16
You gonna get the kind that replaces the rear sight? It goes down into the recess for the rear sight. Newer Smith's are already drilled for this mount, but older ones are not. So, if you are gonna drill it :uhoh: , drill it under the rear sight.

Leland :shades: