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May 31, 2010, 13:07
Well, here's a neat little toy. My grandpa bought a 32 S&W Long revolver about 35-40 yrs ago in Germany while on deployment. Been fired twice, once when he got it and just a few days ago. Only been cleaned twice too, after he fired it the first time and last night by me. No rust. Some crud in the bore and frame but nothing a little solvent didn't take care of. Revolver is in impeccable shape for being stored in a sock drawer for 35yrs.

Now the specifics. Make is an Arminius HW5T (I'm assuming target pistol). It has a 4" vent-rib bbl, swing out 7-shot cylinder (hafta pull forward on the ejector rod to open it), Bakelite grips (target style), adjustable rear sight, a good SA pull (horrendous DA pull for this gun!), and a blue/black finish.

Any idea as to what the story is on this pistol? It has "FIE Miami FL" import mkgs but few others. I think he's wanting to carry this gun but I have the obvious reservation of kaliber (32 Long's a damn good target rd but for PD ???) and if it's a collectible I'd rather he got something else.


May 31, 2010, 16:10
HW stands for Herman Weirauch (sp?). Arminus was some hero Germanic warrior during the time of Roman expansion or least along time ago. HW air guns were frequently sold by Beemans and were of very high quality. Don't know much about the real firearms though.