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April 21, 2010, 23:38
Questions on engraving for a SBR:

Assuming registered to an individual not a Trust.

Can I abbreviate name from say, Bradley to Brad?

Do I have to use a middle initial?

could I abbreviate from full name to initials like B.L.F?

1) On the Frame or Receiver the Serial number;
2) on the frame, receiver, or barrel the following additional information;
A)The model;
B)The caliber or gage;
C)Your name or name of the Trust in the case of a Trust (no abbreviations are permitted for the Trust name);
D)The city and state (you can abbreviate the state with the official 2 digit state code)

April 22, 2010, 09:35
You must use the same name that is on your paperwork.

You can use common postal abbreviations in the address.

So yeah - if you have a mile long name, you've got a lot of work to do.
I did a name change when I first became an NFA manufacturer because "Arizona Response Systems" was too long. So now my license reads "Arizona Response Systems / ARS" and now I can use the abbreviation.

April 22, 2010, 20:47
Thanks, GP.
That's what I had though. I was just hoping that I could make it less conspicuous, by using my initials. also my daughters initials happen to be the same, thought that would be neat if she ever got it.

April 22, 2010, 20:54
You can put it on the barrel . . . 1/16" high x .003" deep is the minimum, although .005" deep is really needed to prevent it from wearing off or to hold paint if inclined.

April 22, 2010, 22:06
Can it be under the hand guards?

April 23, 2010, 09:25
atf wants it clearly visible, but I've seen a lot of NFA markings over the years that were under furniture.