View Full Version : .22 cal conversion kit for the G19

March 30, 2010, 19:46
Anyone here have one? Work well, even on the bulk pack cheap stuff? Worth the $?

March 30, 2010, 22:59
I have owned three Advantage Arms kits for Glocks, including G19/23 and G17/22 sizes.

Every single one works great if you use the right ammo. I love 'em. Have just the G17 size now.

You need to shoot decent power ammo through them. Rem Golden bullet is the cheapy stuff that's consistently reliable enough to cycle. The Win 333, Federal bulk, etc. doesn't do well. CCI Mini Mag is awesome, as well as any other quality, high velocity .22 ammo.

I thought Tactical Solutions was supposed to offer a .22 adapter soon?

snowhawk jockey
March 30, 2010, 23:33
I have shot an Advantage Arms kit, it has last shot hold open, comes with a small cleaning kit and is simple to use. Drop 9mm mag, release 9mm slide, lock on and open 22lr slide, seat loaded 22lr mag, release slide, fire 22lr with same trigger action and safety as accustomed. If I remember, it said in the directions specifically not to use FedBulk Pack ammo. It worked great with RemGold bulk, of which we shot half of a bulk box, as well as a box of CCI minimags, in one sitting. Other than eventually getting gummy and spitting or cussing occasionally at the end of the session(til we lubed it), it worked well. The kit is worth the money for the ammo savings alone. We shot 300+rds that time, 9mm cost would have been almost $75 at Wallyworld and, even splurging on minimags, 22lr would have only cost $19. The G19 with a 22lr kit also becomes diminutive enough for timid folk to enjoy. The volume doesn't go down(maybe up), but the concussion and recoil are much less startling. I have seen new shooters that wouldn't consider touching a 9mm, handle a g19/22lr with ease and success. The 22lr slide didn't fit in Uncle Mikes plastic holster the same as the stock slide did. It must be wider since it rubbed the top side edges of the slide hard against the plastic. Still worked fine in leather.

I'd like to find one for a buddy who is looking for a G19 AA22lr conversion kit.

snowhawk jockey
March 31, 2010, 15:57
Originally posted by Fn/form
I have owned three Advantage Arms kits for Glocks...

...I thought Tactical Solutions was supposed to offer a .22 adapter soon?

I just checked with TacSol and they are offering a fullsize kit this fall. They may get the midsize kits going in the next year.:(

March 31, 2010, 21:25
I have the Advantage Arms kit for my Glock 19, and it works very well. I went with the "Target" model with adjustable sights, because it was available at the time, but I would have preferred the "Combat" model with fixed sights, to be truer to my regular G19's profile. I have no problems using the Federal Bulk Pack .22 (550-rd in red box from Wal-Mart) in my setup. Strangely enough, the problems I've encountered were with the Rem Golden .22's that they recommended.

I wish the mags matched the capacity of the 9mm mags, but AA is located in California, and so limits their mags to 10 rounds. Black Dog Machine told me last year that they were looking at possibly producing hi-cap mags for the AA conversions, but that project is on the back burner, apparently.


snowhawk jockey
April 01, 2010, 13:28
I would love to see some 15-20 round hi-caps for the AA kits. That would up the fun factor significantly and drive me to finally track one down of my own. I was irritated going through the mag in a california second(10 strokes of the trig) and having no spare mag meant more time thumbing than fingering.:sad:
If I didn't have 20 steels in my 22lr array, it wouldn't be soooo bad, but they are resettable and that makes for faster targets than pistol...

April 03, 2010, 20:06
I have two Advantage arms conversions. The only pain is that you have to slip an empty into the chamber when you go to disassemble or you start getting a firing pin divit in the chamber from the dry fire prior to disassembly like the one that I got used with my first Glock. With suitable ammo they work good.