View Full Version : Any Stevens Mark II BV owners?

March 27, 2010, 18:56
I would like to have an accurate .22 setup for punching holes at 100 yds. I am considering a Kidd heavy barrel for my 10/22. I tried Adams and Bennet's version but was disappointed in the results and pedaled it. You could spend hundreds on tricking out a 10/22, but if the Savage Mark II BV delivers like some reviews state, that would be the best money spent. Is the guy in this (http://www.gunblast.com/Savage-MarkIIBV22.htm) review blowing smoke?

Blue Monster
March 30, 2010, 13:34
I have a Mark II .22lr and a 93 .22wmr both are 15 or so years old and really the same rifle. Both have synthetic stocks.
They are the only scoped rifles I own.
The Mag has a heavy barrel and the lr is the very base model, standard barrel iron sights.
Both are pre accutrigger but there is a simple shim "fix" to give these excellent triggers.

The Mag is the most accurate rifle I own.

The 22lr Mark II I bought a long time ago at a show, used and a little bubba'ed (stock) for $75.00.
It took an electric drill and hour to clean the obviously never cleaned barrel. Chunks, yes chunks of crap came out of it.

It will shoot 1" or less groups with good ammo all day long, with a ancient cheap "pronghorn" 4X. :D

I consider the Mark II might be the best deal I have ever gotten (scope was on it). I shoot these more than all my other stuff, the Mark II is the "let the barrels cool" go to gun.

Go buy one with the accutrigger, you will love it. Plus there is something sublime about a .22 bolt tack driver.

He is not blowing smoke at all.

Check out the new Mark II .22lr TR, I am...

Savage made, Sam approved.

April 01, 2010, 20:06
A couple of years ago I went in to buy a Savage 22lr on sale and was talked into a MKII free float heavy barrel. I love it. I had never heard of the accu-trigger but after using it, I am a believer.

Ended up going back for a free float heavy barrel 22WMR and put a 6-24x40 and Harris bi-pod on it. Shoots 1 inch at 100yds and because it shoots so flat using 22 magnum, I am confident it will do 2 inch or less at 150yds.

I'll find out this summer when I go to Texas for long range training.

April 02, 2010, 07:01
I also have a Mk II (BTV) and a 93 in 22mag (FV about to be converted to BTV format). Excellent guns, very accurate, inexpensive. You could go CZ, etc. but with the savage you can spend your savings on glass and good ammo.

You'll want to remove the stock first and then replace, check torque on all screws, then shoot as many different kinds of ammo you can find. CCI Blazer gave me an honest 2.5" group at 100 yards for 36 shots (shot the last of my ammo at the same target that day) on a calm but very cold day. Couldn't duplicate it once the weather warmed up. Remington Sub Sonics go into one ragged hole at 25 yards, haven't had a chance to get them out to 100 yet though...

April 06, 2010, 00:23
Great choice..mine was $265,.22lr-- put on a Bushnell 4-12x40 with Burris steel zee rings--rock solid and accurate--75 yds was an honest inch, sometimes less--especially liked the laminate stock and semi-heavy 21" barrel

Scott Chandler
April 10, 2010, 08:54
Purchased a Savage Mark II heavy barrell December 2009. Came with the 4X32 rimfire rifle scope. Toook it off and put the Leupold 2x7x28 VX II. Already had the scope so was just looking for a good bolt action 22lr to put it on. Probably the best you are going to do for the money untill you spend 800-900 dollars or more in terms of acccuracy and action. The acutrigger is great. I added the harris bench 6-9 bipod. Don't buy the one that pivots. Range at 100 yards honest one inch. On the berm set up spent shootgun shells for the fun of it and knocked all of them out cold, thru the brass base 110 yards. Got to love the savage Mark II for the price and accuracy. Be sure to pick up a couple of 10 round mags for it.