View Full Version : Anybody want an MG3 belt?

February 28, 2010, 15:08
I just got a can of POF (Pakastani) 7.62x51 that came on a 250 rd. belt. After I got the ammo can open, which wasn't an easy task (apparently the Paki's paint the cans and then seal them up with the paint still wet, effectively gluing the top of the can to the bottom), I spent about half an hour delinking ammo from the belt, and now I have a brand new set of MG links that I don't have any use for. Anybody out there want them? They look a lot like German MG34 orMG42 belts, but since I'm not an expert on WWII German arms, that's just a guess. Like I said, if anybody wants the links, I'll be glad to send them to you. I've got way too much gun bits and pieces taking up space now, but since these are brand new, I kind of hate to throw them away when somebody else might be able to use them.

February 28, 2010, 16:44
Hey Red Hat, I'll take'm if you still have them. IM sent