View Full Version : No Icon updates now???WTF?

February 23, 2010, 09:41
This just keeps going downhill faster than an upside-down Harrier:skull:

The icons indicating message status (read/unread/locked Etc.) do not update & haven't for about a week or so.:redface:
Is anyone else having this problem??????

Yes I cleared the cache & cookies, Yes I tried a different browser, Yes I checked for the latest updates & installed them. That's why it took a week or so to post this, I was busy trying to make sure the problem wasn't something at this end.

February 23, 2010, 14:41
Shu'p Browny.

February 23, 2010, 16:23
Thanks, man. That's a HUGE friggin' help.

February 23, 2010, 16:43
Da debbil made me do it.

I get that same thing. I reckon I always have since I registered. SOMETIMES it works okay. Most times not.

I got used to it.

Still no help, I know.

February 23, 2010, 19:27
Hmmm............. didya notice a lack of the tech support types chipin' into this uber technical thread.:rofl: Mebbe theys gots summat agin' Owls.:eek:

English Mike
February 23, 2010, 19:53
It woiks 4 me but I have to manually mark forums as read.

Doan ask me no tech stuff, coz I is a stupidf***er at much more than wiring a plug.:confused:

February 23, 2010, 22:11
I may be wrong but what I have noticed is that the icons will ''update'' or ''refresh'' only when I logout and then I login again, then, it shows which forums have updates from my last login. makes sense?

February 24, 2010, 11:49
It woiks 4 me but I have to manually mark forums as read.
Not even that works!
The only thing that seems to be working is that any thread that was viewed by me & not had any posts added since I logged off last is marked as read.:uhoh:

Dangit where is out resident IT expert goofing off to? Andy, yoo hoo Andy:]