View Full Version : Anybody else hate the extended mag release

February 09, 2010, 12:36
I picked up a G-34 Pract/Tact last week. It has that useless and dangerous extended mag release. I tried carrying it in a Fobus kydex holster. If you insert or pull it out a certain way it pops the mag out. That aint good. Also if you lay the pistol down on a flat surface (mag release side down) it pops the mag out with about 2 lbs of downward pressure. I think this has the potential to get you in serious trouble if used as a carry piece. I'll be replacing the release button as soon as I can. Thoughts?

February 09, 2010, 14:31
Like everything else that gets "improved".Worked fine till they fugged with it...
I'm starting to believe its all a plot.
Change that damn thing by all means,and send those idiots at Glock a nasty gram.
If it is "Glock Perfection",why do they screw with it?

February 09, 2010, 16:45
Extended slide release, yes. Extended mag release no.

February 09, 2010, 17:26
Originally posted by K.O.A.M.
Extended slide release, yes. Extended mag release no.

I agree....
I like the extended slide release, but vote no on the mag release..

February 09, 2010, 18:17
Thanks for the info on the extended magazine releases.
I was seriously considering one. I have a tough time with the factory version in my 19. Hard to activate. I thought a little bit taller button MIGHT be helpful.

February 09, 2010, 22:31
Originally posted by K.O.A.M.
Extended slide release, yes. Extended mag release no.

Ditto on the slide release. I have big hands and never had a problem with the standard mag release.

February 10, 2010, 08:48
I don't use one in my carry G-17, but in IDPA/USPSA in both my G-34 and G-35 they are essential.

February 10, 2010, 23:54
Originally posted by 1stSSPZ
I don't use one in my carry G-17, but in IDPA/USPSA in both my G-34 and G-35 they are essential.

That makes sense. I know that is what the G-34/35 was designed for. What do you think about the 34? I picked mine up last Fri and broke my ankle Sat. It will be 6 weeks before I can shoot it.

February 11, 2010, 08:34
extended slide STOP yes, Early on I put an extended mag CATCH on my browning hi-power - the mag kept ejecting in my holster.

Never used one since. Like fuzzy dice, they do make money for the gun stores.

February 11, 2010, 12:42
MACV, the G-34 is my favorite handgun of all time! The little bit of extended sight radius, coupled with a Dawson TFO front sight is a world-beater. I understand the competion world is a little different from everyday, but all anyone needs to do is look at the finish roster at any major IDPA (stock service pistol) or USPSA (production) match and see who is shooting what. The major gripe about Glocks, the different grip angle, can be completely negated by using the front sight!

February 28, 2010, 20:37
Agree with other posters re: (factory) extended slide stop. I have them on all my Glocks.

However... I use a Vickers slightly extended mag release on my two G19s. No problem with it being activated when holstered in any of my Alessi holsters.

March 01, 2010, 12:18
There is another type (brand) of extended slide release. It's shorter than the full extended release but tall than stock. Saw it in discussion over at glocktalk, search over there and if should be able to find a happy medium.

March 02, 2010, 15:24
I filed down my g34 mag release I installed on my g19. Works like a charm.

I know there are also other people making extended mag releases that aren't as big...could be nice.

I too love the extended slide release.

March 02, 2010, 20:28
I own and shoot both the G34 and G35. Never had a problem with extended mag release on eigher weapon, carried in a belt loop holster or a tac thigh rig. But, I am not paid to carry either one of them. Great competition weapons. I replaced the front sights on both with Glock night sights. Great for night competition and home protection. YMMV!

March 03, 2010, 01:54
I put an extended slide stop and mag release on my duty G22 3d gen pistol. I had to learn to shoot left handed releasing the mag with my left index finger and it was much easier than the standard mag release. Never had a problem with it hanging up or releasing early in our issue Safariland Mod 070 (SSIII) security holster.
I really don't know why I went with the extended slide stop since I use the gross motor skill version and just sling shot the slide not even using the slide stop.

March 14, 2010, 17:45
Well I must say I have the slide and mag extended releases, The slide is perfect, what I did and you may think this is crazy but it works for me!

I took some emory cloth and slowly sanded the release button, down from the extended size but still more than the stock, it works well with either of the holsters I carry in.
Now this is my first and only Glock and probably last (I am a Sig Nutt) but that is a different story) Nevertheless it works for me. I will try and post a pic for you to check out.


winston smith
March 17, 2010, 07:28
if any of you guys want to part with the extended mag release's (I am sure i spelled that wrong) I would be happy to pick them up. we could maybe even swap for a few standard ones.

Just a thought.
thanks for the time and sorry to butt in.

March 27, 2010, 19:35
The one on my Glock 24 is a godsend, I couldn't imagine life without it. Makes me wonder what has happened with those that don't like it. Blows my mind. I thought the extended mag release along with the extended slide release, 3.5 lbs trigger, 6" bbl in .40 S&W/.357 SIG, longslide, and no safety was the only form of "Glock Perfection."