View Full Version : Cool toy or a waste of $200.00??

February 05, 2010, 12:40
I'm kinda bored with my current toys and wanted to do something different.

Was thinking of doing a Form 1 and SBRing a 3rd gen Glock 19.

Might work well for 3 gun shoots with a 32 round mag, my suppressor, a stock and fore grip.

So......Cool or a waste?


February 06, 2010, 03:10
An SOT friend of mine has one that he attaches to his G18. It sure turns a freakishly fast firing lead hose into a controllable submachine gun. I think it would be a fun addition even to a semi auto pistol. I can't remember: would the stock be the registered part, or would the Glock it's plugged in to?

February 06, 2010, 04:10
this might be a cool addition to a FA Glock


heres there page


February 06, 2010, 23:23
I'd skip the paper work and get a glock mag AR lower from Olympic, or the KelTec rifle that takes glock mags ...

If you want something fun to do with a NFA stamp, maybe make a DeLisle carbine?

Prototype Services
February 06, 2010, 23:49
Do it!!!

Post pics!


February 07, 2010, 22:51
yep. They make them... thought about the same thing with a suppressor with a light for home defense. It's just selling the thing that would be difficult if you ever want to get rid of it. Plus, I don't know if you did buy what is below before you had a stamp if it would define constructive intent or not.


February 16, 2010, 19:27
All personal preference. If you want one and can afford the 200 bucks then by all means, do it.


July 11, 2010, 01:57
It should be able to do anything for 3 gun, provided the COF is set up for pistol caliber. You may end up wanting some kind of aiming solution beyond just the pistol sights, but that is possible too.

July 13, 2010, 13:53
Originally posted by LVMPDawg
I can't remember: would the stock be the registered part, or would the Glock it's plugged in to?

The receiver of the Glock is the registered part.

I have thought of doing something like that, but then you have a Glock that is really hard to get rid of. If you ever wanted to sell the pistol you would have to send a written request to the BATFE informing them that you are converting it back into a pistol. Then you would have to make sure that the little piece of paper the BATFE sends back to you always travels with the lower just in case there was a screw-up and the piece was never removed from the registry.