View Full Version : Bad ammo lot warning (67 PMP) .303 Brit.

January 14, 2010, 10:11
Copied from the source, unverified but worth making a note of just in case to avoid a KABOOM of note.:skull:
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Probably doesn't apply to too many members of this forum, but recently Zimbabwe defence co sold a whole heap of old .303 ammo onto the world market...

problem is some of our 'special' ammo is unaccounted for and may well be in that batch.

Cartridges are old 67 dated PMP millitary rounds with a scratched DH or NWB on the primer. They contain...5grns black, D8 det, and as much PE4 (british equivalent of C4) as could be stuffed in the case.

there are also some hundreds of rounds - also PMP 67 filled with MS200 (eqivalent of US bullseye). Primers marked with an X. We know from tests that the rounds filled with pistol powder will blow a rifle and probably take the firers fingers off the suporting hand. The PE4 filled rounds may well kill the man who pulls the trigger.

Of course, the ammo should have been destroyed...but Zimbabwe has seen such a turn over of staff in the last 20 years in all government departments ...institutional memory is missing.

Again, no US importer should have been alowed to have anything to do with ZDI...but it is only the USA and a few ex brit collonies that substantial numbers of .303 rifles still exist.