View Full Version : Anyone with SIG smithing experience?

January 10, 2010, 22:16
I have a Mosquito .22LR and absolutely love the ergonomics of the design.
It was a trade deal with 3 mags, and the round count is very low.
Only complaints I have is the trigger pull and D.A. travel. I'm thinking the pull is around 4.5 lbs or more and the travel seems like an all day affair. I haven't put a pull scale on it, just estimating.
Anything that can be done without hundreds of dollars in a tricked out trigger assembly? I obviously don't want to spend more on trigger mods than the gun's worth, and I'm very much aware this isn't one of SIGs high end models. Nice little auto though.
I had a 229 in .40 and it had the same conditions except the pull may have been a little lighter but it too had the long travel. I still own a 92F Beretta that has long D.A. travel but the pull has smoothed out to about 3 lbs. without any trigger rework or mods.