View Full Version : hawes revolver

January 08, 2010, 19:08
Howdy, I have the opportunity to purchase a western marshal .44 made by sig, it looks like a colt 1873 clone, never heard of one, any advise, the price asked is $300.00. Thanks.

January 09, 2010, 08:31
If it works, don't mess around. Buy it.

January 09, 2010, 08:37
Made by J.P. Sauer in West Germany ? back in the '60s and 'early ? '70s.
Decent quality guns usually. I think they also made the Herters revolvers.
$ 300 seems a bit stiff, but I haven't seen one of those in many years, so who knows ?

January 29, 2010, 23:50
I got one of these in .357 in the early 70's and wore out several set of parts due to "fast drawing," spinning, etc. I was just a young gunfighter in those days and such treatment is rough on a single action. These Colt clones are good guns, however, and I still have it. A genuine Colt would not have withstood the abuse either. $300 seems high to me too, but I don't know the market value. I'd MUCH rather have a Ruger single action in terms of design, metallurgy, performance, value, reliability, toughness, etc. Just depends on what you want or like. Hawes had a good reputation (not in the same ditch with Taurus type handguns by a long shot) but they're not Rugers. If you're more driven by the earlier Colt design and nostalgia, then $300 seems reasonable IF it's in excellent shape with no timing problems. I can't imagine it would be worth more than that. The Sauer blue is extremely tough! Hope this helps.