View Full Version : Tell me about Dan Wesson .357 supermags

January 05, 2010, 22:02
I have a chance to buy a Dan Wesson .357 Supermag from my buddy's dad. I vaguely remember it from when I was a kid. IIRC it's blued with at least an 8" barrel. Probably purchased in the late 70's to early 80's. It's 5 hours from me, so I can't look at it. His dad did say he would hold it for me though, so it's pretty well mine for a very good price.


January 06, 2010, 03:43
I have had four or five of these things over the years. I have sold all but 1 of them. It was new in the box for a while, but I had to come back to it calling me from the safe and I shoot it now. It is the blued 8". You can sure suirt them out. And, if you're real handy, make a matching Winchester Cowboy lever gun into one for giggles. It's work, but it sure is neat. IIRC, I gave about $500.00 NIB many moons ago. I will keep this one as my others were 6" barrel lengths and I just needed the 8". Have fun.

Leland :shades:

January 06, 2010, 12:57
I probably won't be over that way till spring, but I'm already excited to pick it up. It sounds like I may be getting on helluva deal!