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December 13, 2009, 18:30
Story goes like this -Im looking over the goodies at the cheektawaga gun show today and Find this 1903 A3 on a table -$500.00 and the guy wont deal .- Im hot for the C-Stock and its a Smith corona Typewritter 7-44 But looking close I see where it looks like the Bolt cutout has been welded HUMmmm Whats going on here --Me thinks the rifle is a reactivated drill rifle -- I buy it and get it home Sure enough I see a small weld at the barrel and one at the cut off... Who ever restored it did a great job cutting out the old parts and fitting new The only way I can tell is the weld looks new shiny- [Tiny weld not enough to temper the reciever ]- So I strip everything off it and most is Reminton...
HUmm What to do --???? I go up stairs and look through boxes and I find a Smith corona I was In process of restoring Its all there metal wise and All I need is a Butt plate --I find I have a New One in the parts Box. I assembled all the goodies togeater and this is what I ended up with ====>>>>


I have a hunting rifle someone built with a cherry smith corona action I have a new SC barrel so Im going to put the welded action on the hunting rifle and Make up another restored SC with the rest of the parts--This is the fun part!

Retired Bum
December 13, 2009, 21:22
It looks like you did a fine job on that SC M1903A3.

Back about 1974 I found a sporterized Remington M1903A4 sniper that someone had buggered up. The C stock had been sawn off just forward of the stamped sling swivel. The barrel had about two inches sawn off. The original Redfield scope base was still there and it had been fitted with a pair of cheap one inch rings which held a very cheaply made Japanese four power scope. I bought this sad thing for $65 and took it home. The shop had a new still in the cosomoline Rem 03A3 that was in perfect condition. I took it home for a C Note.

I bought a new Rem four groove A3 barrel and removed the front sight band. A friend of mine had several new A4 scant stocks with the bolt handle notch and gave me one for free. I already had a bunch of A3 parts and used some of them to replace the missing stamped butt plate and swivels. A local gunsmith installed the replacement barrel and cut a "match" chamber for it. He did a job on the stock trigger parts which gave the rifle a double stage pull and a glass rod break at about three pounds. I found a set of Redfield 3/4 inch rings and an original GI Lyman Alaskan 2.5X scope with post and crosshair reticle.

My rebuilt A4 would give two inch groups off the bench at 100 yard with TW53 M2 Ball. I located a supply of LC 65 M72 Match rounds and they would give a five shot group 1.25 inches from the bench. Not too shabby for a rebuilt A4 IMHO. As I recall I had about $250 total investment in the A4. A few years later I sold it to a pal for $300. But that was about all it was worth 30 years ago.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

Survey Punk
December 13, 2009, 21:46
I think I've got a straight stock if you want to swap. It's Remington though.


December 14, 2009, 09:48
:tongue: NO thanks On the swap I like these C-stocks :tongue:

Several years ago I was at a Gun show in helena MT and I spot a 03-A3 sporterised I look at it and the dealer says Yeaa someone took a $1500.00 rifle and turned it into a $300.00 rifle It was an 1903-A4 I kick myself for not buying it and keeping it for later restoration..

December 14, 2009, 12:13
My 03-A3 is built from a drill rifle receiver. I hand selected it with the minimum amount of weld on the bolt stop and receiver barrel sholder. Other than the receiver, it is built entirely from NOS and is 100% Remington. I purposely left the bolt stop high nickel weld mark unfinished so that anyone looking at the rifle would know that this rifle was not original.

It is probably the best shooting and most accurate non target rifle I own, but it is not a relic and will never be represented as one by me.

December 14, 2009, 20:50
How did you make out Money wise -Cost to build -V- Buy one outright ??
I want to know if there is a cold blue coating of sometype that will stick to the nickle weld --Im using My DR reciever on a hunting rifle and reclaiming the hunting rifle reciever for another 03 Build . Any Ideas ?
The hunting rifle is minty So If I use the DR reciever on it I dont feel bad drilling for a scope ..

December 17, 2009, 19:30
I have two identical M1903's that I got from my grandpa. Both have pre-war C-stocks. I love them.

December 20, 2009, 20:28
Do they have cartouches on the stocks --? Can you post pics ?? what years are they ?