View Full Version : Anyone have a Smigett suppressor?

November 08, 2009, 02:38
It's a super short 5.56 can. Great performance for it's size. I have a chance to pick a used one up locally. The only thing is I saw an article by Al Paulson of silencer tests and he says the blast baffle is too close to the muzzle, destroying barrels by reflecting hot gasses back on the crown. The guy who's selling it says that's BS and he's never had a problem, but I just wanted to verify before I took the plunge. Anyone have any experience with a smigett or know a friend that has one you could ask about it?

Here's the two articles I've found, the second one has the bad news on the last page (both very good articles, BTW):



December 03, 2009, 01:19
the guy that made them TL Guns has just basically disapeared off the face of the earth. He owes quite a bit of money for some people.

Stole some parts kit from my uncle that worth some chump change.

If you are planning to keep it......keep it with one barrel but otherwise.......moving it around, clean it up after using it..

December 03, 2009, 11:20
I'm keeping it on the same barrel in case there is a problem. In the size vs performance department, it works so well I'm willing to sacrifice a barrel if need be.

Paulsen said the reason why it ate barrels was that the blast baffle was too close to the muzzle. After looking at this can and several other rifle cans I don't see how the blast baffle is much closer than any other can.

Here is the can in question: